Buddy Roemer Officially Declares Intent to Win Presidential Nomination of Americans Elect

On the evening of November 30, former Louisiana Governor and former Congressman Buddy Roemer officially declared that he is a candidate for the Americans Elect presidential nomination. See this story.


Buddy Roemer Officially Declares Intent to Win Presidential Nomination of Americans Elect — 18 Comments

  1. Wow! It’s already started! I wonder if a not-Ron-Paul can win the AE nomination.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. “… a not-Ron Paul…”? I was under the impression that AE was too left leaning to want anything to do with Ron Paul.

  3. The problem if Ron Paul tried to win the AE nomination is that he would have to come up with a running mate who balanced the ticket. Presumably he would have to select a VP who wanted to increase government spending and/or have more wars in order to gain the AE nomination

  4. I mention Paul because on the AE website he by far the “most tracked” candidate. Under the “Candidates” section of the site, there is a listing of which candidates have been pegged by the most people for possible support, or ‘tracked.’

    The people at AE can explain ‘tracking’ better than I can: http://www.americanselect.org/candidates

    That is why I am suspicious that the turnout-marshaling powers if the Paul campaign can win this one.

  5. #4

    Joshua, I agreed with your #3 post until I saw the grammatical error. Now I disagree completely with it.

  6. Wives, etc-

    Buddy Roemer-
    (1) Frances (Cookie) Demler (divorced)
    (2) Patti Crocker Roemer (divorced)
    (3) Scarlett Roemer

    Newt Gingrich-
    (1)Jackie Battley (1962–1981)
    (2)Marianne Ginther (1981–2000)
    (3)Callista Gingrich (2000–present)

    Barack Obama-
    1)Michelle Robinson (1992–present)

    Ron Paul-
    1) Carol Wells (since 1957)

    Michael Bloomberg-
    1) Susan Brown (divorced)
    2)*Diana Taylor, (*Domestic partner)

  7. The EVIL top Donkey/Elephant monarchs LOVE it.


    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  8. #3, if Ron Paul chose a vice-presidential running mate who is a Democrat, Americans Elect says that ticket is “deemed” balanced, and no officers of Americans Elect may question it.

  9. The GOP field is a circus. Don’t be surprised if Ron Paul pulls it out. Too bad Jesse Ventura said he’d accept VP, but not if he had to register Republicant.

    Sheriff Joe has his Posse going after Bari Malik Shabazz. The witch Hillary waiting in the wings (broomstick and upside-down flag stars at the ready).

    Gary Johnson wants the LP nomination, but their convention is in May which is way before the GOPs, so he’ll have to do so knowing that he end up losing votes to Dr. No.

    Buddy Roemer sucking up the clueless middle. What an f-ed up concept for a political party.

    Nader backing Jill Stein.

    Then there’s Rocky Anderson’s Justice Party.

    2012 gonna be the end of it all! Bunker down!!

  10. I lower my estimate.

    How about a Prez winner with 20 (repeat 20) percent of the popular votes ???

    See Germany 1932-1933 machinations by the robot party hacks.

  11. Richard–could he choose a Libertarian?

    As for Democrats, I imagine he’d pick someone like Kucinich if it MUST be a Democrat.

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  13. Ron Paul does always show up better VISIBLY than in actual votes. I remember couple years ago when all over the Florida town where I live there were not only Ron Paul signs but people handing out literature, talking — you’d think he surely must have 30% of the vote.

    I think he got less than 5. He has WONDERFUL SMART HARDWORKING VOLUNTEERS, as does the Libertarian Party.

    Roemer,on the other hand, I believe has ability to be a cross-the-politicla-spectrum populist because he’s for Fair Trade (only candidate in either party). When I worked on Ross Perot campaign (he was original Fair trader, against passage of NAFTA) I must have talked to hundreds of people when we’d collect signatures at state fairs in NH. I never met ONE person who wasn’t against NAFTA and free trade. To me that is the KEY POPULIST ISSUE OF OUR TIME, if it could but get out there. I swear the two parties have this agreement (as well as those who host the debates) “If you don’t bring up trade I won’t” — I’ve never yet heard a question in a debate asking about the deficit, or something like — “Looking back, if y ou had it to do again, would y ou support NAFTA?’

    Kucinich ONCE in2008 debates brought it up and how the president could give 6 months notice to get out of NAFTA and WTO — my gosh that host just smoothly moved on without a ripple never even asked for further discussion or even what Kucinich was talking about.

    It’s a plot I swear.

    I’m for Roemer and want him in the debates just to raise our suicidala trade agreements as an issue.

  14. @Maggy Simony, if Roemer and Paul run a split ticket against Bankers, against NAFTA and pro Marijuana legalization they will get at 10-15% off the bat and will be included in debates.

  15. #13 Trent: I think it would be difficult, but presumably not impossible, for Ron Paul to find a Libertarian whose views would be sufficiently different from his own to qualify as producing a balanced ticket for Americans Elect.

    The AE rules provide that the ticket must consist of “persons of differing ideological perspective or positions on the Platform of Questions.” The Candidate Certification Committee judges whether the ticket is balanced, subject to reversal by a 2/3 vote of all delegates. However, as Richard pointed out above, any ticket consisting of a Republican and a Democrat shall be deemed to be balanced. (By the way, the same rule provides that a person is considered to be a member of the party they were enrolled in the majority of the time from Jan. 1, 2008 to the present, so a last-minute party switch wouldn’t help.)

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