Donald Trump Supporters Notify Texas that the “Make America Great Party” May Attempt to Petition

Texas has a unique law that says any party that wishes to petition for a place on the ballot must tell the Secretary of State no later than January 2. The law would probably be held unconstitutional if it were challenged, but it has never been challenged. It was passed in 1993. The law is wildly irrational because the petition itself can’t legally begin to circulate until April. If this law has been in existence before 1993, many important minor parties, such as Strom Thurmond’s States Rights Party of 1948, and Theodore Roosevelt’s Progressive Party of 1912, and the Republican Party in 1854, would have been barred from the Texas ballot, because they weren’t formed until the middle of the election year.

Texas also has discriminatory ballot access laws that make it far more difficult for an independent presidential candidate to get on the ballot, than for a new party.

Donald Trump feels that it is possible he may wish to be an independent presidential candidate in 2012. Therefore, because he was aware of the Texas laws, he took the precautionary step of having his supporters tell the Texas Secretary of State that the “Make America Great Party” may wish to circulate a petition in Texas later this year. By having taken this step, if he should decide to be an independent presidential candidate in 2012, he is free to use the easier minor party petition procedures in Texas instead of the independent candidate petition procedures.

Texas election law section 161.002(a) says a party name may not be longer than three words. UPDATE: the offical filing says the name of the party is “Make America Great”, not “Make America Great Again”. The first draft of this post has been revised to show the corrected party name. Thanks to Bill Van Allen for this news.


Donald Trump Supporters Notify Texas that the “Make America Great Party” May Attempt to Petition — 19 Comments

  1. Any rational limit on the number of letters and spaces in the name of a robot party hack party – FACTION ???

    How crowded are the ballots in some States/DC ???

  2. Good for Trump, very smart. Texas is one of the harder states to get on If I remember right.

  3. So, this makes it seem like Trump is hedging his potential bets. What I mean is, this seems like a hedged bet in case he does not get, or want to seek, Americans Elect’s nomination?

  4. Trump’s mother was a naturalized US citizen at Trump’s birth in NYC as was his father also a US citizen at Trump’s birth — not so BO, and variious current crop of known RHINO POTUS wanna-be(s)

    NOTICE OF INTENT TO FILE already given NYS-BOE regarding challenge coming to any 2012 NYS POTUS Ballot (within 72 hours of NYS-BOE certification and/or state party designation and / or authorization (including independent nominating petition certifications

  5. Trump does not have to explain himself to anyone for any reason at any time. When you are a God you have all rights. All hail the bad comb over! Amen.

  6. 6 –

    You’re one of the last ones holding on to this tired old canard like grim death, so for the love of all that’s holy…give it up, will you? If not for your own sake, then for the sake of friends and family who are embarrassed to tears by your abject foolishness.

    You got reasons you don’t like Obama as president? Fine. Cite them. But stick to the ones that have some basis in reality, would you? I might even agree with a few of them. But truly, you sound like a raving loon when all you have to bring to the party is this discredited nonsense.

    You lost.

    Get over it.

    Move on.

  7. #6

    I saw a unicorn, leprechaun and griffin in fantasyland the other day and I thought of you.

  8. See Blackstone’s Commentaries Book I — subjects of the Brit regime.

    Natural-born = AT birth allegiance to a regime — a BIG deal in the 1700s — with all the rotted monarchy regimes in Europe back then.

    Naturalization = regime change of allegiance after birth.

    Gee – both words in the nearly dead 1787 U.S.A. Const.

    Each person holding a public office is or is NOT qualified to be in such office — Prez down to local dogcatcher/trash collector (an important needed job).

    See the very olde quo warranto stuff — by what right (warrant) do you hold your office ??? — now just one more civil action.

    Difficult ONLY for SCOTUS ??? — and the few constitutional law and legal history flippant MORONS on this list — who get their legal ideas out of a pizza box — i.e. are too lazy to look at a legal dictionary of words and phrases.

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  11. 9 –

    I tried to buy fantasyland but I couldn’t because the marginal tax rates are too high. Damn that Obama!

    My unicorn’s name is “Dusty,” by the way.

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  14. Mr.Trump…..Please,Please,Please,run for president!!!!!This Country Needs You!!!!!You are one of the best,if not the best,buisness man I know of…This country used to be in buisness,But the POLITICANS have put us out of buisness and into the soup lines! Its not equal rights! Its equal oppertunity! Not every one can play tennis!!! Help Us Please!

  15. Mr Trump heard you on hannity today and fo
    und out about this site. You NEED TO RUN !!!!! YOU WILL BE THE NEXT REGAN!!!! I know you can straighten out this real estate mess quickly. The country needs to be run by a successful dynamic ceo. The republican field is pathetic! Please run.

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