Alan Keyes’ Party Qualifies for Florida Ballot

On February 27, the Florida Secretary of State said that America’s Party is now ballot-qualified. It had been formed in the summer of 2008 by Alan Keyes, after he lost the race for the Constitution Party presidential nomination. In 2008 it was called America’s Independent Party.

After three years of electoral inactivity, the party has now changed its name to America’s Party, and in an on-line national presidential convention on the evening of February 18, chosen Thomas Hoefling for president and J. D. Ellis for vice-president. Here is the campaign web page. The party re-qualified in Florida by submitting a new set of bylaws that conform to the state’s rather fussy requirements, and by submitting a list of officers who are registered members of that party. It is the first party to have been eliminated from the Florida ballot by the new bylaws requirements that has now successfully re-filed.

It is not known if Alan Keyes is still interested in the party. He did not participate in the on-line voting for the 2012 presidential nomination.

It seems somewhat likely that the Socialist Party, the Socialist Workers Party, and the Prohibition Party may also re-file successfully in Florida.


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  1. As with Keyes, Hoefling is a mole within the conservative movement. From personal experience I can warn anyone dealing with him to watch out for, and expect, a knife in the back. He is a front for an extensive mole operation within the conservative movement of our nation. This treacherous and treasonous operation is extremely well funded and is connected to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League, and the moderate Republican Establishment. Their objective is to drain the energies of the conservative movement and to betray it whenever possible so that the maximum damage can be inflicted. They do this while they pretend to be conservatives so that their targets are lulled to sleep which allows them to get close enough to put their knife in the back of their targets. You have been warned.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman Constitution Party of California

  2. Some details are wrong in this story:
    * America’s Independent Party was formed by folks like me who supported Alan Keyes, but it was not formed by Alan Keyes.
    * We have been active nonstop since we formed. Several of our affiliates were elected (and two were re-elected) to state legislatures in 2010. We’ve been especially active in advancing the ‘personhood’ pro-life message, opposing change to the definition of marriage, and on many other matters of public good.
    * Alan Keyes continues to publicize link to our website on his blog and in his weekly WorldNetDaily commentary. It’s true that he did not participate in our nominating convention this year, but his scheduler did graciously respond to my email invitations/urgings a few weeks ago for Dr. Keyes to participate as national candidate and/or as Maryland delegate.

  3. I wouldn’t normally respond to stuff like this, but there are several items posted here that are completely inaccurate.

    First, to the writer of the article, respectfully, the assertions that our party was “formed by Alan Keyes,” and that that the party has been “inactive for three years,” are both simply false. In the interest of the credibility of your website, you should retract both baseless statements.

    Secondly, Mr. Don Grundmann’s comments above are a wild flight of imaginative falsehood and, if they do not meet the criteria for libel, nothing does.

    For Life, Liberty, and the Constitution,

    Tom Hoefling
    Chairman, America’s Party

  4. The corruption of Mr. Hoefling and his associates is documented at

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman Constitution Party of California

  5. “We have been active nonstop since we formed. Several of our affiliates were elected (and two were re-elected) to state legislatures in 2010.”

    Name them, please.

    As for Tom–he’s as egotistical as Alan Keyes is, maybe more. More than Alan Keyes himself, Tom Hoefling was the one responsible for losing the CP nomination for Mr. Keyes. I’ve never seen worse political consulting in my life, honestly.

    As a candidate, I don’t know anything about Tom or his views. But as a person, he’s a nasty guy. I’m glad to see he’s heading a non-existent campaign for a non-existent party for which he’ll likely receive less votes than any other “nationally organized” party.

  6. ” Don, get help. That’s all I can say to you.”

    Response – Is that all that you can say Tom? How about apologizing for your corruption and your role in the attack upon the CP. And now you pretend to be a conservative??? What a farce! You are the perfect example of a total fake. You and Keyes could have worked with the CP to make it stronger and hence to advance the 3rd party conservative movement throughout the nation in addition to setting the stage for Keyes to win at a later date. But no. That was never a possibility as your real intention ( as the lackey that you are ), as with Keyes and in alignment with your Controllers, was always to destroy the CP and this in service to your Masters. You knew that you did not ( then as now ) have secondly the intellectual ability to present your arguments and issues so that they would carry the day in the CP but primarily the moral purity to do so; i.e.; you knew that you were/are an ultra corrupt lying backstabbing cowardly traitor. Hence you chose the easy path ( for you ) and just lied and, in service to your Controllers, committed your cowardly ( so in harmony with your character ) attack upon the CP. You knew then, AS YOU KNOW NOW, that you, as with your California fellow scorpions, are incapable of building anything. Your ultra corrupt character can ONLY destroy things or, as with your California buddies, steal what others have spent years building and then claim it as your own creation. As a, by choice, sub-human without a conscience you are known as a sociopath. And to top it off you then, like your fellow corrupt buddies in California, hide behind a facade of religion and, for you, claim to be a ” Christian.” It makes it so much easier to lull your targets to sleep so that you can stab them in the back at your chosen time. You then top off even that travesty by claiming to run for President!!! What a sick joke but also in keeping with your fellow sociopath Ed Noonan. 2 ultra corrupt lying coward traitors who campaign for President only so that they can draw ever more targets/victims into their scorpion web. No Tom, it is you who need the help. Yet no earthly power can save you. Only when you repent to The Creator of your sins, your evil, your rottenness, and your love of Gods enemy can you possibly be saved in this life but especially the next. My prediction – You; the prideful, arrogant, and contemptuous ” Christian;” are too rotten and prideful to ever possibly repent. The now result of that is you will continue to betray as many people as you can to give you ” happiness ” during your miserable existence. The then result to follow is that you will have your own personalized room in hell where you can ” enjoy ” and relish your backstabbing betrayals for all eternity.

    It will be a richly deserved finale to the existence of a moral and literal coward. Your legacy as a betrayer will live on through the generations as you, Keyes, and your fellow California sociopaths will provide a history lesson to the generations that come of what moles, traitors, cowards, and those who have given their soul to Gods enemy look like.

    The scorpion story that I have at is really your story. It shows so clearly ” your nature.”

    Enjoy your stay in hell but be assured that I, and many others, will be working to thwart your corruption; i.e.; to spoil your ” happiness;” before you finally ( thankfully and none too soon ) depart this world.

    Remember – Judas may have, as with you, gotten ” 30 pieces ” for his betrayal but his real legacy is, as will be for you, known by history.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman Constitution Party of California

  7. How many of the New Age third parties are being created and funded by the Donkeys/Elephants in order to —

    Divide and Conquer ???

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  8. ” Don, I pray that somehow God opens a way at some point for you to reconnect with reality.”

    Response – Tom Hoefling – Always the coward.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman Constitution Party of California

  9. To Tom Hoefling (#10):

    My advice is that you not attempt to continue the debate here. It is a situation in which a logical and reasonable person can not make any significant progress. Thanks for trying, though.

  10. Here is something that I wrote on a previous page:

    14.Phil Sawyer Says:
    February 26th, 2012 at 9:38 pm
    To Markham Robinson (#12):

    It is not true that elected County/State Central Committee members of the Peace and Freedom Party of California do not “swear an oath of allegiance to the Constitution,” as you implied. After being elected, I have always been sworn into office by election officials. In addition, I have always been loyal to the Constitutions of California and the United States of America.

    By the way, in 1976, I was one of the California Electors for Senator Eugene J. McCarthy, the major independent candidate for president and the Honorable Chairperson of the Committee for a Constitutional Presidency/McCarthy ’76.

    Phil Sawyer adds now:

    When I turned in my Nomination Papers yesterday for Sacramento County Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party of California (3rd Supervisorial District); part of the process was swearing an oath of allegiance to the Constitutions of the State of California and the United States of America. In the County of Sacramento, this is the normal procedure.

    Furthermore, I am a native Californian (and I even have 1/16th Native American heritage in my genetic makeup). I have taken oaths of allegiance my whole life – including with the United States Army (active duty from 8/2/67 through 8/1/69). For any person who questions my patriotic loyalty, I will put my record up against yours, any day, if you wish to compare.

    Philippe L. Sawyer, Member:

    CFSU Leadership Committee, Child and Family Mental Health; County of Sacramento

    Sacramento County Central Committee; Peace and Freedom Party of California

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  12. Alan Keyes came in 7th place here in Florida with 2,550 votes in 2008 as the America’s Independent Party candidate. I suspect Mr. Hoefling will do even worse since he is not the name that Keyes is.

    Trent asks the question that needs to be asked and I hope Mr. Hoefling answers it. What has the party done since 2008? America’s Independent Party was more like America’s Invisible Party.

    I’m willing to consider voting for Mr. Hoefling–but I suspect I’ll probably vote for whoever the Constitution Party nominates.

  13. Michael at post #18.

    Did you know that when Aldo Santorum entered the United
    States circa 1930, his mother asseverated that he was
    entering as a citizen of Austria. Was this to get around the Act of 1924, viz, the Italian quota was filed
    and because Aldo was born a subject of the King of Italy
    in 1923, the entry had to be false and a fraud!? It therefore follows that Rick Santorum is not a natural
    born citizen,viz, a his birth he did not have two citizen parents.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party

  14. Nightwing – As for the Keyes/Hoefling fraud ” America’s Independent Party being ” invisible ” you must understand that that is intentional. The whole purpose of the Keyes/Hoefling/SPLC/ADL/Republican attack upon the CP was to destroy the 3rd party conservative movement so that there would be no alternative to the Republican Party Establishment. A second, and ongoing, goal is to dissipate and waste the energies of well meaning conservatives who may be drawn into the Hoefling/Keyes spider web believing that they could actually accomplish something to save the nation. As with a spider sucking the life out of a fly Hoefling and company ( including his fellow California sociopaths of Seidenberg, Robinson, and Noonan ) INTEND to do nothing and hence to continually drain the conservative movement of as much life, via frustration and simply wasted energy, as they can suck out of it. With their Master Mole Alan Keyes this extensive and national network of traitors is continually working in the service of their New World Order and United Nations anti-American controllers to destroy the conservative movement. They have found that the best way to destroy their opponents is from within. They will hence; as with Hoefling, Keyes, and their fellow criminals from California; pretend to be conservative; a tactic which allows them to get close enough to their unsuspecting targets to be able to put the knife in their back at the best moment of opportunity. In this sense a ” Hoefling for President ” or ” Noonan for President ” is the same as an ” Obama for President ” campaign as you have someone who pretends to be one thing ( the opposite of who they REALLY are ) in order to achieve their real goal – the betrayal and destruction of their real targets. Typical sociopathic behavior which is very successful due to their ability to be excellent liars. As they have no conscience they will not hesitate for one second to tell whatever lie needed to achieve their goals.

    By the way I am the last duly elected Chairman of the American Independent Party as Seidenberg gained his claimed post via filing false documents with the state; also known as fraud, as I have documented at

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent and Constitution Parties of California

  15. Wow!

    Now “three dates Don” Grundmann claim he is “Chairman Amrican
    Independent and Constitution Parties of California” (sic.).

    First, I am aware that the Constitution Party of California
    in January 21, 2012 had 121 electors total.

    Second, “three dates Don” Grundmann has not been on the American Independent Party Central or National Committee,
    since Sepptember 2, 2008. This is March 1, 2012. He holds
    no current offices in the American Independent Party. The
    last time a recall seeing “three dates Don” Grundmann was in
    July, 2010 with a sign in front of the State Central Committee meeting in South Sacramento, CA complaining about
    some “nut” issue.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent

  16. Mark – To refresh your memory I was protesting that you are an SPLC/ADL/Republican agent and that the state recognized criminal faction of the AIP which you lead was/is now totally corrupt – just like you. You can also remember that, just like your fellow sociopath/traitor/coward/liar Tom Hoefling, you will have your own personal room in hell. No amount of lying will save you from that also, as with Hoefling, richly deserved reward.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent and Constitution Parties of California

  17. Don Grundmann claims that he is now chairman of two California parties. Next time he posts let find out if
    he is also chairman of the Democratic and Republican
    Parties also. Because there may really not be a difference between those parties.

    I now know why the Constitution Party of California electors are going South, viz., last years registration
    was at 157 and the registration fell down to 121 electors. ANSWER: “three dates Don” Grundmann claims
    to be that parties chairman.

    I have been chairman of the AIP since last year. My
    terms last day is September 2, 2012. Don Grundmann has
    never been Chairman of the American Independent Party of

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party

  18. To Mark Seidenberg (#24):

    Why is the Chairman (you) of the (officially recognized) faction of the American Independent Party of California different from the person (Markham Robinson) who is the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the State Central Committee of that same Party faction? That had me confused for a little while.

  19. Mr. Sawyer – Although I do not know you I can assure you that your fidelity to the Constitution is orders of magnitude greater than that of Mark Robinson who, it appears from your comments in #14 above, is challenging such allegiance. I have documented the criminality, both moral and literal, of Mark Seidenberg and Mark Robinson at Robinson is the absolute last person to question anyones allegiance to the Constitution as he is a sociopath who will break any rule or law at a moments notice to gain his objective. He bloviates about ” following the rules ” but, as demonstrated at the website, he will commit criminal acts without hesitation and break any rule/law which is in his way. Both he and Seidenberg have the same belief in the Constitution and allegiance to our nation that Joseph Mengele did. They, and Ed Noonan, are the figureheads for their controlling behind the scenes masters.

    And just to let you in on the secret, their state recognized criminal enterprise of the AIP faction controlled, on the surface, by Robinson and Seidenberg is; since it is controlled by their handlers/masters of an alliance of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League, and the Republican Party Establishment; in complete agreement with all of your Peace and Freedom Party perspectives. Their conservative website is only a surface illusion which is meant to draw well meaning but ill-informed conservatives into their trap so that their energies and money can be wasted and dissipated. So don’t be fooled by their act – behind the scenes they are 100% on your side.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent and Constitution Parties of California

    P.S. – They have constructed the party so that they can never be voted out. That is why they are interchangeable in their puffed up titles. You have to remember – they are only the figureheads for their behind the scenes controllers.

  20. Thank you for your message, Mr. Grundmann. Although I have avoided taking sides in the battle of factions in AIP-CA, and I try not to get involved in interpersonal matters between the partisans of those factions; I do find the continuing debate to be rather informative and interesting.

    We have had many conflicts in my own Party (PFP-CA) over the decades. My approach is to do my very best to work with everyone – even those who I find it difficult to communicate with. I try to be humble and not let my personal ego get in the way of getting along with people who should be working with me. It is helpful for people to “take the first step forward” in those kinds of situations. That is what I think, at any rate.

  21. Phil Sawyer

    I am not chairman of a faction on any political party. However, I am chairman of a qualified political party, viz.,
    the American Independent Party of California. As for Mr. Robinson, he is the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the American Independent Party of California. We have several committees within the American Independent Party of
    California. Don Grundmann has not been on any committee with
    AIP, since September 2, 2008.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent
    Party of California

  22. “America’s Party” only credibility was when the California AIP was a affiliate then, in which they are no longer affiliated. Lesser parties like the USIAP and the AFP have better credibility, and organization, then “America’s Party”.

    Why don’t you answer Trent’s question, Tom? Your arrogance and avoidance of it is hurting you and your party’s image here, Tom.

  23. To Mark Seidenberg (#28):

    Thank you for your response. Is it not a matter of semantics, though? I was trying to be polite to all sides in this situation. I do understand that your group is recognized as the Party by California’s Secretary of State. I can see why you do not wish for your organization to be considered a faction.

    On the other hand, I can also understand why Dr. Don Grundmann believes that his organization is the true Party.

  24. “Oh, I remember you, Mr. Hill. The only person I’ve ever had to kick out of an event in twenty-five years of political activism and campaigns.”

    You didn’t kick me out of anything. I rolled my eyes at the back of the room and walked out of a hospitality suite in which Mr. Keyes was trying to convince delegates that the War in Iraq was just a stellar idea.

    I walked out, you followed, and then you preceded you call an 18 year old kid, involved for the first time in politics, that a “spoiled brat”. You yelled that particular part in the hallway. You later met me downstairs, outside, and apologized for your behavior, claiming you were “under a lot of stress”. Several delegates witnessed this behavior, if anyone wants an independent confirmation.

  25. To Trent Hill (#31):

    You stated that Mr. Tom Hoefling apologized to you. May I presume that you accepted his apology? Furthermore, would it be possible for the two of you to now become good friends and work together in our common struggle against the two-party duopoly?

  26. Mr. Sawyer – I can appreciate your sincere efforts to organize opposition to the ” duopoly ” yet I feel that your inherent trusting nature, something which I had, may blind you to the reality before you. This reality is – Tom Hoefling is an agent of the ” duopoly.” Everything he does is dedicated to torpedoing (sp?) any opposition to such ” duopoly.” As a mole within the conservative movement who is working for its destruction he will only become ” good friends ” when, in harmony with his sociopathic character, he can use that to gain a position of trust with the target whom he ultimately intends to knife in the back. He, as a professional mole, will bide his time and wait for the most opportune moment at which to betray his target. He has a track record of this behavior, is totally unrepentant of such behavior, and, as with the scorpion I write of at, it is his ” nature ” to betray.

    There are people in this world; as with Hoefling, Seidenberg, and Mark Robinson; who will, without any hesitation or hint of conscience, betray you or the nation as a whole in the flash of a second if and when it serves their needs. Your attempt to find any ” good ” or redeeming qualities in them only makes them 1) view you as weak; 2) see you as a easier target and someone who can be used to advance their criminality; 3) emboldened to continue their moral and literal crimes against both singular people and the nation as a whole. They cannot be reformed because they don’t want to reform; something which they have total contempt for. I learned this the hard way.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent and Constitution Parties of California

  27. To Dr. Grundmann (#33):

    The irony is how someone as inwardly cautious as myself can manifest outward as having an “inherent trusting nature,” as you put it. All glory goes to the Lord on that one (and everything else).

  28. Okay, as someone who had to write-in Chuck Baldwin’s name during the 2008 election due to ballot access issues related to the AIP and CP, I want to be fair to both sides. While I cannot support the current AIP’s leadership lock out of CP supporters, there is no evidence that they are working for the Satanic Perdition Lucifer Center or the American Defamation League.

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