Oregon Progressive Party Nominates Rocky Anderson for President

On April 8, the Oregon Progressive Party state committee nominated Rocky Anderson for President. The party had nominated Ralph Nader for President in Oregon in 2008. Back then, the party’s name was the Peace Party, but it has since changed its name. Oregon, like many states, lets ballot-qualified parties change their names.

On April 10, Ralph Nader appeared at a press conference with Rocky Anderson, in Portland, Oregon. Nader said he supports the decision of the Oregon Progressive Party, and also said he supports Rocky Anderson for President. Nader does not endorse candidates, and did not use the verb “endorse” at the press conference. Nader feels that when someone endorses a candidate, that means the endorser agrees with all of that candidate’s positions. Nader feels that the verb “support” does not have that characteristic.


Oregon Progressive Party Nominates Rocky Anderson for President — No Comments

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  2. We welcome Hon Rocky Anderson [Justice] to the team. Unfortunately, his only message was “unsubscribe”, and we did not email him further so he’s not is communication.

  3. I agree with Nader in that the US Parliament does not use the word “endorse” either. We don’t endorse names in the US Parliament or outside of the US Parliament. We elect names within the US Parliament.

    We elected Hon Roseanne Barr [Green Tea] as the first Queen of the USA Parliament, and we elected five princesses, multiple royalty staff and royalty rules too, just in case.

    She wanted to be Queen. So the ruling coalition elected as Queen rule.

    She’s accountable, and we can elect to remove the Queen rule anytime. It’s not an absolute monarchy by divine right. I wouldn’t even call it a constitutional monarchy. I’d just say that we could have elected her as head dog catcher, but she wanted to be the Queen.

    Long live Queen Roseanne the First!!! Hip, hip, hooray!

  4. I am trying to run for president as a Libertarian to be Roseanne Barr’s (she’s a Green) vice presidential candidate, I would like to work with her to reach a consensus on the issues between the Congress, her and me. The ranked choice consensus voting system which I’ve innovated will be the ideal tool.

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  6. I suppose that, technically, Oregon allows ballot-qualified parties to change their names. But doing so eliminates the ballot qualification of the party. If an Oregon minor party changes its name, it automatically loses all of its membership and has to start over. In Oregon, ballot access for every minor depends upon maintaining a specified level of membership. If a statewide candidate of the party in the last general election earned at least 1% of the vote, then the minor party must maintain a membership of 1/10 of 1% of the total vote for Governor the last time that race was run. If the minor party does not have that track record, it must have a membership of at least 1/2 of 1% of all registered voters in the state. So changing the name of the party required the new Progressive Party to start again from zero members and work back up to about 1,500 within 9 months.

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