Libertarian Party Takes Two Days to Choose Party Officers

The Libertarian Party national convention smoothly nominated candidates for President and Vice-President on Saturday, May 5. There were no problems with parliamentary procedure or with the voting process, during the voting for President and Vice-President. However, the voting process for national party officers was very different, and involved the first instance (as far as is known) in which “NOTA” (none of the above) was victorious in national convention voting. The NOTA victory came in the contest for national chair, in one particular vote on Saturday.

Geoff Neale is the new national chair (even though he was not even running as of Saturday); vice-chair is Lee Wrights; Secretary is Ruth Bennett; Treasurer is Tim Hagan. Wrights had sought the party’s presidential nomination and had placed second to Gary Johnson. National committee members-at-large are Bill Redpath of Virginia, Michael Cloud of Arizona, Starchild of California, Arvin Vohra of Maryland, and Wayne Root of Nevada.


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  1. First I want to say congratulations to those who stood up for freedom. Second I wanted to say thank to Nicholas Sarwack for his speech lending itself to NOTA. To acknowledge you have reached your threshold is one thing, but act on it is another. Well done.

  2. Did Wayne Root get the most votes ever in the history of the LP for at-large rep???? I am sure he must have!!!!

  3. What percentage of ALL LP members elected such party officers ???

    i.e. how SMALL was the OLIGARCHY this time around ???
    Mail ballots for ALL party gangs in choosing their gang leaders.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V. — within each party gang.

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