New Voter Registration Tally in Oklahoma

As of April 30, the Oklahoma State Election Board has determined the number of registered voters in each party: Democratic 942,388; Republican 850,560; Americans Elect 5; independent 234,141.

The Oklahoma voter registration form has a blank line in the “political party” section, so anyone can register into any party, by writing in a selection in the blank line. However, the state will only tally the number of registered voters for the qualified parties, plus they will tally the number in an unqualified party if it has been on the ballot in the previous four years. No party has been ballot-qualified in Oklahoma other than the Democrats and Republicans since November 2000, except that Americans Elect qualified in March 2012.


New Voter Registration Tally in Oklahoma — No Comments

  1. I am the 11.5%!! Not sure if I want to be part of the 0.0002467%.

    What is really interesting is that with a majority claiming Democrat in the state, we have a Republican controlled state government. I guess that just means that Oklahoman Democrats are less Democrat than they claim to be.

    Also, I wonder what the number of registered AE’s will be come November.

  2. Is there a process in Oklahoma in which a party can qualify for the ballot via voter registration (as in by having a certain number of people register to vote under a party’s banner gets that party ballot access)?

  3. Andy,

    Sadly no. The only way is to petition for it. I would suspect that a registration drive might be MORE difficult depending on the number of people required if that were the case.

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