Rocky Anderson Withdraws from Peace & Freedom Party Convention Process

On August 2, Rocky Anderson communicated with Peace & Freedom Party delegates and said he is withdrawing his bid for the Peace & Freedom Party nomination. This development makes it seem very likely that Roseanne Barr will be the PFP presidential nominee. UPDATE: here is a Los Angeles Times story about Barr.


Rocky Anderson Withdraws from Peace & Freedom Party Convention Process — 23 Comments

  1. Interesting. Will the injunction obtained by the Justice and Constitution Parties put them on the ballot in California?

  2. #1, the injunction only allowed more time, so it won’t actually put any new party on the ballot.

  3. #3- Stewart Alexander, the Socialist Party USA candidate. He has very close ties to the Peace and Freedom Party.

  4. #2 Yes, especially in light of what Richard tells us about Anderson’s court case. It would have been tough because he’s not a socialist, but still probably easier than any of the three mechanisms that California has for Presidential ballot access for new parties.

  5. Man, it seems that Mr. Anderson is really having a rough go of it.

    I think it would be awesome if they chose Stewart Alexander.

    The Peace and Freedom Party seems to be almost more of a vanity project vehicle for eccentric persons of note who have an interest in running for president. Nader, Peltier, Barr…If they’re looking to nominate candidates who clearly and steadfastly articulate their socialist message, and who have a history of doing so, I think they could do better. I’m not complaining though.

  6. Alexander is running but Peta Lindsay, also the Party for Socialism and Liberation Party/International ANSWER candidate, is more like than he is to beat Barr. The same cadre, back when they were part of the Workers’ World Party, won the PFP ballot space in 2000 and I’m pretty sure a couple of other years too. The Socialist Party USA has never won the PFP nomination. Furthermore, the PSL runs candidates under the PFP banner all the time, like for LA and SF mayor.

  7. #2, yes, PFP was his best chance. But his supporters in California blew it, for reasons the rest of us may never fully understand. At least part of it was the fact that they really wanted to get the JP on the ballot rather than using another party’s ballot line. That wasn’t (and, for this year, still isn’t) going to be. Maybe they just didn’t understand the situation until it was too late for them to get their people elected as delegates to the PFP convention.

  8. No party with socialism or socialist in its name has ever won the PFP presidential nomination for its presidential candidate.

    PFP presidential nominees who actually got on the November ballot are: no one for president and Peggy Terry for vice-president in 1968; Ben Spock in 1972; Margaret Wright in 1976; Maureen Smith in 1980; Sonia Johnson in 1984; no one in 1988; Ron Daniels in 1992; Marsha Feinland in 1996; no one in 2000; Leonard Peltier in 2004; Ralph Nader in 2008.

  9. Seem’s the Anderson campaign is having a rough go at things. I’m starting to wonder if they’ll even get on in 10 states this year? Richard, do you have a prediction on how many ballots he might make it on based on any information you’ve obtained?

  10. Rocky probably dropped out because he was being required to register P&F. I can only assume that all the others are being required to do so as well.

    Tired of having your liberties to self-categorize be taken away by party bosses who continually start fights over petty details like party registration?

    Try the 8th USA Parliament Election of 2012, why you may be what you proclaim to be without penalty! We’re like Burger King; “Have it YOUR way!”

    Where 1/1001ths (.999%) plus one vote is guaranteed to elect the first 1000 names with a guaranteed minimum satisfaction level of 99.9% plus 1000 votes.

    Hope you like it!

    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    National Secretary (One of Two)
    Volunteer Vote Counter

    “Why do you THINK they called it Google?”

    Join the Frees,
    Opposite gender #1!
    (With consecutively alternating genders thereafter)

  11. #14. Irrelevant post is wrong. You can not register as Peace and Freedom Party in Utah, where Anderson is a resident. Many P&F nominees for president were from other states or members of other parties. In fact, Leonard Peltier was in prison when nominated, and unable to register to vote at all.

    Anderson is dropping out because of lack of delegates, and is backing the most similar, non-socialist candidate in the running. Someone identifying themselves as a P&F delegate said as much on IPR.

  12. @14 CA P&F Chair CT Weber has stated to me in the past that he plans to follow the guidelines of the state of California. Those guidelines require that one be registered with the party to be supported by the party.

    Obviously, if Rocky is suing CA in regards to the Justice Party, then there appears to me to be a conflict with the P&F Party too.

    And you say my post is irrelevant and wrong? Why do you write that I am wrong?

    You may not like the information of my post, but how is this is “wrong” and “irrelevant”?

    I wrote: “probably dropped out because he was being required to register P&F”

    BTW, I wouldn’t believe everything written in IPR.

    IPR reported that I was not a candidate for POTUS myself and that I did not attend “any state LP conventions”. Yet I attended the national LP convention as a POTUS candidate, having won the only primary preceding the convention with 52.7% (Missouri).

    In fact I spoke there for five minutes as one of six POTUS candidates making an appearance. Richard Winger spoke too, calling for the support of Gary Johnson before any of us had the chance to speak.

    IPR is a bogus online reporting vehicle in my opinion and the censorship is heavy-handed. I’m sorry to read that you give so much credence to their “reporting”.

    IPR’s censorship won’t even allow me to respond to their reporting, where they (and the national LP) clearly slandered my campaign:

    Apparently, their owner Trent Hill said he had a problem with my posts because I used three stars after each paragraph like this below, and he said they’d censor me from posting ever again because of such stars. Don’t ask me, that’s what they wrote:
    * * *

  13. Since the P&FP describes itself as socialist and Rosanne Barr is a progressive, but no socialist, I hope that they choose Stewart Alexander of the Socialist Party as their candidate.

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  15. Hi Richard!
    Roseanne is a self-declared Socialist and I am a full-on Socialist registered in the Peace and Freedom Party for almost four years, since my campaign against Nancy Pelosi when I was registered, “Decline to State.”

    PandFP needs to register over 40k more Californians to stay as a recognized political party here and I believe Roseanne and I, non-affiliated, and being PandFP have more of a chance of doing that.

    Peace and Freedom!
    Cindy Sheehan

  16. Mr. Ogle,

    Re-read the post you responded to several times slowly (preferably while on your prescribed psychiatric medication which you refuse to take by your own written admission).

    Mr. Anderson is a voter in Utah which has no Peace and Freedom voter registration option. It may be a requirement for you as a California voter but it is not a requirement for residents of other states who have no such registration option, or for political prisoners such as Mr. Peltier who are disenfranchised.

    As for why you are banned on IPR it is because you are a mentally ill and deficient spammer who apparently has a lot of time and money to sit all day on the computer and spam the site with your mentally ill comments, much as you do here, driving away other people by taking over every discussion with your off topic drivel.

    BAN would be wise to do as IPR has done and remove your comments.

    IPR comments are not related to IPR editorial policies such as your removal as a commontator. They are put up by all kinds of different people. In the case referred to above by a P&FP delegate. The validity of any such comments has nothing to do with what ever you think of IPR editors.

    It is true, you did not attend any state LP conventions.

    As you, and readers of past comment threads here, already know, you appeared on the non-binding state run LP primary because you were the only candidate crazy enough and yet not too broke to shell out a thousand bucks on a meaningless non-binding state run LP primary which determined no delegates at all.

    Furthermore, the very few people who may have otherwise voted in that primary for the most part voted in the Republican contest that same day instead, which included Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

    You did however manage to barely squeak past your only opponent….None of the above….

    Congratulations, you take the (fruit) cake (and eat it too)!

    The fault, dear James, is not in IPR, and it’s not in your stars, it’s in yourself.

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  18. # 21,

    “Catholic Trotskyist” is the perfect name for ANY contemporary American minor political party. “Gangster” would be the perfect name for EITHER of the two major political parties.

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