American Independent Party Picks Tom Hoefling for President

On August 11, the American Independent Party (AIP) nominated Tom Hoefling for President at its state convention in Sacramento, California. The convention was in the meeting room of Perkos Restaurant, 925 Third Street.

Only seven delegates were present when the vote was taken: Markham Robinson, Mary Robinson, Mark Seidenberg, Rev. Wiley Drake, Dennis Aguirre, John Robertson, and Phelps Hobart. A majority of votes cast were proxies of people who were not in attendance. Most of these proxies were controlled by Markham Robinson. There were 7 in-person votes and 13 proxy votes. The original vote was 19 for Hoefling and one for Goode, but then the Goode voter switched his vote to Hoefling so that the vote was unanimous.

Several hours earlier, three delegates, all backing Ed Noonan for President, had left the convention in protest. Noonan, who was one of those three delegates, told the gathering that he should be the presidential nominee because he had won the presidential primary and he had contributed many years of service to the AIP. Noonan accurately perceived what the vote was going to be, even though that vote was still several hours in the future at the time he left, so he and his backers saw no reason to remain for the vote.

The convention chose Dr. Robert Ornelas of Anaheim, California, for vice-president. He works with a group that develops Christian hip hop evangelistic messages. He did not attend the convention but he had phoned in on speaker phone and had asked for the vice-presidential nomination. However, when he asked for it, he was holding himself out as the running mate for Rev. Wiley Drake. Drake, who did attend the convention, had asked for the presidential nomination but did not receive it.


American Independent Party Picks Tom Hoefling for President — 72 Comments

  1. One person controlling the outcome of a convention…apparently the American Independent Party is trying to be more like the RNC and DNC.

  2. This means that Virgil Goode will have an extremely hard time being on the ballot in states that equal 270 electoral votes. The Constitution Party is pretty much done for this year.

  3. Texas Super-state Parliament Circuit #9

    101 Elected Members of Super-state Parliament (MSPs)

    Democratic Party – 28 MSPs

    Debra Scharf, Arlene Lewis, Charlotte Cocker, Harry Swan [Democrat], Jane Gambill [Democrat], Alma Juarez, Sandra Dundsmoore, Edger Thompson, Ed Cunningham [Dem.], Yolanda Amandoza, Francis Compy [Democrat], Harry Kocks [Democrat], Peter Longfellow [Democrat], Jack Me offer [Democrat], Karia Jumar [Democrat], Erik Konan [Democrat], Tori Xander [Democrat], Robert Einert [Democrat], Marco Polo aka Jimmy Kens [Democrat], Kevin Drafre [Democrat], Gale Wievert [Democrat], Rachel Zollers [Democrat], Ben Zimmern [Democrat], Montel Sharba [Democrat], Jennifer Gale [Democrat], Lauren Aldert [Democrat], Rachel Barkindosa [Democrat], Jessica Brabender [Democrat]

    Republican Party – 20 MSPs

    Jennifer Evans, Larry Perrault, Beaulah Mae Jackson, Patricia Cornwall, Michael Dell, Lou Zir, Harry Twatz, Rusty Trombone, Wetsy Shortz, Linda Libia, Hugh G. Klitt, Icey Deadpeople, Dick Little, Iam Cummin, Dixie Normus, Sonja Franzea, Tina Rodney, Toni Allen, Roberta Marrone, Don Blackstone

    Info. Not Avail. Party – 19 MSPs

    John Ivins, John Parramore, Gordon Hermosa, “Poncho” Jorge Santos, Kumar, Don Pitts, Wendell Orgam, BachmanTurnerOverdrive, Norm Einer, Ticko Sommguez, Sandra Contri, Amenz Portaniw, Deanne Vorow, Lisa Murkowski, Lawrence Gomen, Jim Shew, Jett Jackson, John Comana, Firenz Lorganzi

    Parties With One Seat – 10 MSPs

    Andy Gonzalez [Independent], Chuck R. Lauser [Liberal Democrat], Displaced Jersey Boy [Longhorns Rule], Martese Conchun [Border Warrior], Lyndall Kristie [Bush Regime], Sonar Gupta [Indian Democracy], Frjeda Sokol [Jewish Conservative], Michael Kostopoulas [Photogenic], Goncho Alvarez [Marijuana], Tom Bartlett [Rich],

    Green Tea Party – 9 MSPs

    Christie Shanafelt [Green Tea], Elizabeth McLane [Green Tea], Rhett Smith [Green], Paul Brown [Green], Lindsey Tenlap [Green], Morgan Juma [Green], Boone Timutua [Green], Laurie Dean-Arms [Green], Georgeena Abad [Green]

    Free Party – 5 MSPs

    Wanda Hermanden [Free Spirit], Frank Camdenosa [Free Parliament], Hermosi Kandanzai [Free Radical], Connie Mendosa [Free], Jonathan Britton [Free Energy]

    Libertarian Party – 4 MSPs

    William Sparkman, Chuck Seevers, Alex Jones, Fred Norris

    Pot Party – 4 MSPs

    J.R.Bass, Lisa Davis, Bo Kakke, Jorge Seester

    Tie Vote for Seat #100 – 2 MSPs

    Rachel Smith [Democrat], Ryan Hess [Hydralisk]
    * * *

    Updated on 8/11/2012
    101 MSPs
    MSP=member of super-state parliament

    The fifty-one consecutively ranked names as back-ups:

    Mary Burgess [Democrat], Beatrice Shine [Democrat], John Shine [Democrat], Coco Schitz [USA], Jermaine Nommik [Vote for Josh], Amendalia Horveo [Mexico], Vigo Veritas [Mockery], Marta Cox [Democrat], Gary Sedorholm [Democrat], Kim Thomas [My Vote is for Joshua Paul in TX Thanks!] Nick Dartern [Frat], Topher Conway [Frat], Shelly Jones [Democrat], Consuela Mendola [My Own], Nominating Rick Perry [No More Obama], Joshua-Paul Angell [Communist], Katie Hunesta [Communist], Mykai Landis [Communist], Raymond Yeager [Communist], Dan Qualch [Communist], Debbie Porter [Commie], Horton Fortencia [Communism], Edwardo Garcia [Communist], Pedro Chinnez [Communism], Oleda Jimenez [Communist], Yetti Man [Communist], Lisa Porepii [Communist], Rhonda Wendel [Communist], Herman Oiut [Communist], Nina Lindsay [Communist], Mariela Montakos [Communist], Marcia Bradley [Undecided], Adam Inhoff [Communist], Richard Hines [Undefined], Chris Garben [Communist], War on War [Roseannearchist], JT Murray [Communist], Carla Vox [Roseannearchist], Mat Reland [Communist], Ethan Moore [Roseanne], Jesus Alba [Communist], Christina Pallazolo [Communist], Chaz Bear Jackson [The Party], Andy Martinez [Communist], Gina Mann [Tranny], Juwanna Orgasm [Tranny], Joshua Steinman [Socialist], Michael Hornzela [Socialist], Jesus Primitivo [Mexican Communist], Victor Huego [Mexico Free], Cheryl Meader [Democrat]

  4. Missing on ballots in Texas, California, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma and possibly Pennsylvania (due to the challenge by the GOP) really pours a lot of cold water on the Goode/Clymer ticket. A real shame.

  5. Tom Hoefling is the Americas Party Candidate and is also on the ballot in Colorado and Florida, he will probably also be on the ballot in Louisiana but very few states beyond that. America’s Party was originally created out of a split in the American Independent Party when Alan Keys was running for president in 2008.

  6. Six fools and zanies gave away the vitally-important CA line to a nobody going nowhere. That says more about the Constitution Party than the wingnuts. Adroit and experienced politicos should have found a way to capture the CA AIP just like the kooks did in 2008.

  7. The Constitution Party is currently on the ballot in the following states:

    Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming – (187 Electoral Votes)

    You can’t have a chance at the presidency with just those. He still needs to be on the ballot in states with 93 more electoral votes.

  8. We are petitioning in: New York, Minn., Iowa, Kentucky, Alabama, to name a few. IF we make new york or Penn. Along with VA then we should be able to make it. Without new york or Penn its highly unlikley at this point.

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  11. Just proves that CA is a magnet for idiots like the 8 people in the AIP. These 8 people are arrogant fools.

  12. These “few”, these very few wackos, who unfortunately took over the American Independent Party, with the so-called legal blessings of the democrat Secretary of State, is a real travesty to all other registered AIPers and concerned voters in California.
    There is no doubt in my mind, in my opinion, that these wackos are working for the Republican party, to sabotage the AIPERS, for obvious reasons.
    With Prop. 14 in place, it has furthered the demise of the AIPERS in California.
    I have been affiliated with the AIP for over 30 plus years.

    I urge all AIPers to re register Constitution Party by postcard registration.
    The CP was affiliated with the AIP for many years.With these very few wacko
    dictators at the helm, with no real legal election of statewide AIPERS elections, real promising CHANGE can never come, as long as they are in control.
    Shame on them. They have no shame, because their egos out shadow everything they do or
    say. The CP has a good foundation to start with in California.
    Meanwhile, the circus clowns who control the leadership of the California AIP, will continue to stagnate the party because, THAT is what their misson was all along.
    God Bless the Constitution Party.
    Virgil Goode 2012!
    Larry Breazeale, National Veterans Coalition
    of the Constitution Party,
    “vets for America First”

  13. “That says more about the Constitution Party than the wingnuts. Adroit and experienced politicos should have found a way to capture the CA AIP just like the kooks did in 2008.”

    No, it doesn’t. The SoS in California has made it virtually impossible for the party to be re-taken.

  14. @15: at least Earl Dodge is a man of principle and his tiny party has a long established platform that is of interest to a permanent constituency. The nuts who grabbed the CA AIP have no agenda or core beliefs except personal ego and raw political power. I’m not much into conspiracy theories, but GOP machinations in CA wouldn’t surprise me. However, I must say again that CPers had 4+ years to take back the AIP – in all that time someone couldn’t figure out a way to get 10 or six or even four delegates elected to the state convention? Besides a lawsuit that put the AIP in the hands on one judge and a partisan Secretary of State, what the hell were the good guys doing?

  15. I don’t know Trent, sure it became a losing battle once the legal tussle started, but there were county committee elections and other slots in the party apparatus that could have been fought for early on. The fight was lost in December 2008 to spring 2009. Maybe gary odom or Richard winger can tell me I’m wrong and that all was lost – permanently and without a chance to recover – once Keyes was nominated.

  16. Does anybody posting here have any idea how the Constitution Party petitioning is going in New York State? And where in the state are they petitioning?

  17. The American Independent Party state central committee is not composed of people elected in county central committee elections at party primaries. In this regard, the AIP is entirely different from Peace & Freedom and Green Parties. The AIP state central committee is composed of the party’s nominees for public office, plus each nominee may appoint 3 other members. But because of top-two, parties no longer have nominees. So the AIP code section (in the election law) doesn’t function anymore. So there is no way to change the leadership.

  18. Thx Richard – so if constitution party activists had run for every office conceivable in 2008,2009, and 2010 – before the lawsuit – would there have been a fighting chance to take back the AIP?

  19. This decision is especially foolish when put in the context of Top Two in California. Thanks to Top Two, the AIP’s Congressional, statewide, Board of Equalization, and state legislative candidates will rarely appear on the ballot in November. The Presidential race is the only use left for ballot lines.

  20. I have met the chair and secretary of the California American Independent Party myself and have worked with them over the years.

    I’d like to say that their secretary Markham Robinson is a mathematician and has been open to the idea of ranked choice voting in multi-winner districts (not to be confused with instant runoff voting for single-winner districts).

    That said, I must criticize them for being too slow in adopting these voting system reforms. The mathematical use of pure proportional representation (PR) is a great tool for unity, and could have been used in 2012 to unite ALL people. Wedge politics is destructive, and multi-winner elections under PR gives voters the tool for the kind of team psychology needed for victory.

    Tired of chasing your own tail?

    Try PR!

    Very Truly Yours,
    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]

    PS Your ideas and input welcomed! We have the foundation in place for a mathematical solution to unite ALL US voters now.


  22. Richard Winger’s and Tom Yager’s comments shed light on the crux of the problem. Richard is exactly right- after Prop. 14, there is no way, under existing conditions, to change state leadership of the AIP. Those in control of the AIP (Seidenberg and Robinson) have been granted (though Prop.14) a lifetime political franchise and may operate it as a soviet style politburo and they do just that.

    In 2010, the plan of the party regulars was to win the party back through the AIP Primary, just as the Shearer faction took back the party from the Montgomery Mafia in 1970. In the 2010 primary, led by the magnificent campaign of Chelene Nightingale, we ran more candidates for various partisan offices than at any time since 1978. Seidenberg’s group ran just three candidates–two for statewide office and one for Congress. [One must first understand that under the Election Code the AIP (prior to top two) was organized through the partisan primary. Each nominee was a delegate. Where there was not a nominee either the state committee or the county committee (depending on the office) was empowered to fill vacancies by appointment. Delegates were allowed to appoint three members to the state central committee and so forth.]

    In the 2010 AIP primary, we elected enough nominee delegates and gained control of enough counties–including the all important county of Los Angeles–to easily control any fairly called and run state convention and state central committee meeting. Unfortunately, there was an additional problem. At some point in time over the years a completely anomoulous and unnoticed change in the election code was made which allowed the the AIP state convention to be called as early as the weekend after the primary election…in early June. The problem with this is that the nominee delegates are not certified until July!! The same is true with the new Central Committees who historically filled many vacancies by appointment. And, of course, this certainly meant that there was no time for nominee or vacany delegates to be able to submit their appointments to the state central committee so as to be able to attend the state central committee organizational meeting (held the day after the State Convention). This, of course, creates a ludicrous situation if the state convention and state organizationally meeting is called for June.

    Naturally, Seidenberg seized upon this annomoly and called the state convention for June and contended that none of the newly elected delegates were yet certified and could not participate…which left him and Robinson in control of the state convention. Again, the court refused to get involved to protect the rights of the newly elected nominee delegates. A few of our properly elected nominees (delegates) did appear at their “convention” (which as usual was attended by 10-12 people) and predictably, they were not allowed to be seated. All totally improper, but all totally according to form for these people.

    Even in light of the annomoulous election code provision allowing the convention to be called before delegates could be certified, we certainly could have continued to consolidate our gains and win the party back by 2012, but for the enactment of Prop. 14.
    Prop. 14 did away with the partisan primary and destroyed the previous mechanism (briefly explained above) for organizing the state central committee. In the aftermath of Prop.14, those in control of the state party (and here we are talking about two people) can do anything they want to do–completely without concern for the wishes of the 400,000 plus registered AIP voters– and they have done just that.

    We have remained silent in recent months because we had hoped to afford Virgil Goode, a good, decent and honorable man, every fair chance to win the AIP nomination and be on the ballot in California. We hoped they would at least do the right thing in terms of the Presidential nomination so that they could be part of a meaningful national campaign. Obviously, they don’t care about that. Despite their continuous efforts to make sure that Congressman Goode did attend their “convention” (Seidenberg was constantly calling me to make sure that Virgil knew all the details concerning the event) it is clear that the fix was in and that Virgil Goode never had any chance whatsoever for the nomination. This was simply their pitiful and insulting attempt to express their spiteful attitude toward the Constitution Party. Disgusting.

    I would add that it is my information that 6 voting delegates were were present at this so-called “convention” and that 14 proxies were “voted.” The California Election Code has always prohibited the use of proxies at the state convention (though they have always been allowed the next day at the state central committee organizational meeting).

    Well, over time, I am sure the truth will come out–including the involvement of key Republican players (personal friends and business associates of Mark Seidenberg) and of the extreme negligence (at least) of the office of Secretary of State Debra Bowen, in facilitating the hijacking of the AIP in 2008.

    There is one thing people must realize: This hijacking was not the result of any “factional dispute” (in 1968-1970 there were two real factions). Here, a mere handful of people, and that is being generous, were recognized as the state leadership at the expense of the hundreds of people who had worked in the party and built it for nearly forty years. That is the real tragedy of the situation.

    With all tragedies, there is always some humor that comes out of it. Over the past year, Mark Seidenberg told me that he thought the Secretary of State was trying to “destroy the American Independent Party.” I didn’t say anything in response, but I couldn’t help laughing to myself and thinking, “Yes, Mark, and your very first clue should have been when she recognized you people as the AIP ‘state leadership’.”

  23. I first heard Tom Hoefling in 2007, and my admiration of him has grown over the years. He’s been moderating the “America’s Summit” conference calls — real town hall-style events — every Tuesday and Thursday night since the 2008 elections. These calls have been informative and uplifting, and I urge God-fearing, liberty-loving folks here to join in, starting 9pm eastern — 218-936-4343 – passcode 340794#

    On Thursday night’s call, he pointed out that the GOP has already written off California as unwinnable, and also that without California’s Electoral College votes, Obama will not win reelection. Tom thinks a real conservative has a great chance to win California, and the buzz about his campaign there may be just what it takes to convince conservatives in every state that a vote for Romney is every bit as destructive as a vote for Obama.

    One of the things that Tom Hoefling brings to the ballot is his national leadership in the personhood pro-life movement. The backers of California personhood initiative are a large constituency — they will love Tom’s thoughtful and eloquent emphasis on this matter.

  24. Thank you gary – that does explain the sorry mess that was created. I know it would require an enourmas effort, but I hope a confederation of well-organized constitution parties in the western states would help in securing ballot position in CA. First step of course would be to identify, organize, and educate CA patriots (by the hundreds) who would pledge to work their butts off – then the national CP would have to help coordinate fund raising and volunteer recruitment. Can non-residents collect signatures? We can’t just go year after year making fun if the jerks who stole the party. That’s a done deal – the question in the table should be niw what.

  25. They’d need to collect voter registrations, over 100k in fact, and yes non-residents can collect them.

    It would cost about a million dollars though.

  26. The only chance is that the AIP will continue locally in getting votes and qualifing while the leadership recovers from their meltdown.

  27. Well as long as top two is in effect, the only thing of any real relevance for an alternative party is the Presidential nomination, so that gives us some 3 1/2 years to qualify the Constituion Party. The AIP was qualified in 3 1/2 months in late 1967, but of course the circumstances, in almost every way, are different now than they were in 1967.

    Peter, there is no residency requirement for petition gatherers as far as I know, and in the states that have such laws, it seems that they are being struck down. I agree that it is the time for constructive action. Maybe the next few years will give us enough time to do the job, but only if we organize now. You make excellent points. However right we may be, whining about it does get old.

  28. Steve Shulin,

    What possible “buzz” is there about Tom Hoefling’s campaign? There may be a huge groundswell of support for him in Maryland where you live (though I kind of doubt it), but right now I am in Riverside, California and I guarantee you that I could walk down every street in the city and move on to the next one and the next one after that and I would never find one person who has ever heard of Tom Hoefling.

    I, however, do know Tom and he is a gentle soul, but he is most deluded about his own significance and impact in politics. He somehow thinks that he matters…and, except to his family, I’m sure, he just doesn’t.

    On another subject, I agree with every point Paulie makes.

  29. #32 And there are much cheaper ways to get way for the CP to get on the ballot in states with a total of more than 55 electoral votes!

  30. Paulie (#32) is right. It would take about a million dollars to convince over 100K Californians to switch to the Constitution Party. From what I recall reading, it cost George Wallace and his Wallace Campaign several hundred thousands of dollars back in 1967 to first get the AIP ballot-positioned. First of all, most working-class patriots don’t have a million dollars. Secondly, it will not be as easy to convince voters to register as “Constitution Party” as it was for Wallace and his supporters to get people to register “American Independent” – a label which was then and still today generic and resonates with more people. Sadly, the word ” Constitution” or “Constitutional” doesn’t do it.

    Therefore, I would not urge current AIP members to re-register as Constitution Party as Larry Breaseale (#18) has suggested. Instead, AIPers, fight for your party. Stay AIP and keep the AIP alive by running for the state and congressional offices again in 2014 and in other elections of years to come. Hopefully, someday Prop 14 will be overturned.

    Both Bill and Eileen Shearer are “spinning in their grave.” Both dedicated their life to the party so that common Americans with an Independent spirit who resided in California could express their views and vote for someone via a party which more closely represented their views. How sad. How sad.

  31. Sorry, Larry (#18). Didn’t mean to misspell your last name. It is correctly spelled “Breazeale.” Sorry for the typo.

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  33. Gary’s point about present lack of widespread name recognition for Tom Hoefling is true enough, although there’s probably some personhood supporters or secure borders activists or repeal-the-16th-Amendment folks or even just plain FReepers there in Riverside who might surprise Gary by knowing who Tom Hoefling is. I think Tom as the candidate of the third-largest national party will get buzz by contrasting his views with those of Barack Obama (the most liberal to serve as President in history) and of Mitt Romney (the most liberal Governor in history). Let the left split their vote between Obama and Romney!

  34. Hoefling was campaign manager for Jay Wolfe’s run for U.S. Senate in 2002 versus the other “Jay” in West Virginia – Rockefeller – and totally ran that campaign into the ground. But then again, Jay Wolfe is another Alan Keyes guy.

  35. Perhaps a state affiliate of the Independent American Party should try to qualify in CA.

  36. I don’t think half the people registered in the AIP even known anything about the AIP, or that they’re registered into a party. If the Constitution Party ever retakes control they should change the party’s name.

  37. @44… they can’t retake control as has been prevoiusly stated on this thread. They could not change the name even if they could retake control.

  38. Steve Schulin, if Tom Hoefling intends to campaign in California, he should have been at the convention. Then, upon winning the nomination (which he knew would happen), he could have then gone around to newspaper offices and broadcast media, and sought interviews. Instead he didn’t even come to California for the meeting. The election is 86 days away. If not now, when will he campaign?

    By contrast, Virgil Goode has been touring the western states, getting publicity. He devoted 8 hours to the AIP convention, giving everyone there a chance to get to know him.

  39. CB @ 43

    Interesting idea.

    Richard, is there anything in California law against this approach?

  40. @46 excellently demonstrates just how silly the AIP decision was to spit in the face of Goode and choose this random Hoefling dude instead. I’m not even a Constitution Party/AIP sympathizer and the situation makes me sad.

  41. I’ve been doing a paper on electoral reform in the USA and came up with a proposal for the Presidential Elections.

    I strongly suggest that all parties should have a Presidential Primary season in each state. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, Constitutionalists, etc. In each state, you either have a state primary or state caucus or state convention. The candidate with the most delegates in that state for all ballot-qualified parties is on that state’s ballot for the Presidential Election.

    For example, if this were used for the 2012 Presidential Election, Ron Paul would be the GOP nominee in Minnesota, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arizona, Virginia, Massachusetts, Maine and Louisiana.

    I seriously think this idea is close to the republican ties our Founding Fathers wanted, although we all know our first President, George Washington, said there shouldn’t be any parties at all. But this would just be interesting!

  42. #50 The Whigs ran several candidates in 1836, effectively carving up the general election map as your idea would. They lost.

    I don’t think Ron Paul wants this.

    If we had that scheme and we still had a primary schedule like we have now the first state would have an even more outsized influence because party primary voters in following states would run to that candidate so as to present a unified national front for November.

    It would be fun to do things that way for one election cycle though. It would be even better if we could have all the primary votes cast on one national primary day. Is think the inundation of pre-vote polling would have the effect of convincing voters to narrow down their choices before the vote date.

    If we could get rid pre-vote polling this would be fun.

  43. Were it not for its clearly MISLEADING NAME, this pathetic excuse of a political party would have been vaporized off the ballot YEARS AGO! It needs a mercy killing!

  44. America’s Party again will be on in CA and only states that you can get on by paying a small fee.

  45. “I, however, do know Tom and he is a gentle soul, but he is most deluded about his own significance and impact in politics. He somehow thinks that he matters…and, except to his family, I’m sure, he just doesn’t.”

    Tom is anything but a gentle soul.

  46. I e-mailed Tom Hoefling a few months ago asking if he would consider endorsing Virgil Goode. I also e-mailed Markham Robinson and Mark Seidenberg telling them I was interested in attending the convention and to give me more details about the time and location. I never got a response from any of them. By the time I found out the location from outside sources I already had previous time commitments to go to. Not that they would have allowed me as a delegate. I would be surprised if they had even let me through the door.

  47. Disgusting. Utterly disgusting.

    The only political party in this country that I have full faith in is the Independent American Party of Nevada, period.

    I’ll be voting for Goode, but it looks like this year, the choice is between the major parties 🙁

    Gary Johnson might do well, but it will be a long, long time before the two-party system can be done away with at the federal level.

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  49. I really think my plan would be the best idea. I mean, respecting the will of the people in every state isn’t hard to understand, right?

    Boo-hoo to the Democrats and Republicans who believe in this centralized selection BS. The national conventions of the big 2 should be only to talk about party platform ideas.

    I’ll give you an idea. I think what the MT Constitution Party did in 08 or the KS Reform Party did now, in letting their state delegates nominate whoever they want, should be encouraged.

  50. The Tuesday night America’s Summit call is on live — Tom is moderating from the road tonight, he’s on his way to California. All of good will are welcome. 218-936-4343 – passcode 340794#

  51. All these posts did not state what the AIP did at the State Central Committee on August 12, 2012 in Sacramento,
    CA. It elected a new chairman for the term of 2012 to 2014. The new chairman of the AIP is Dr. Wiley Drake, Sr.

    Richard Winger, You stated the members of the State Central Committee are not elected members of the County
    Central Committee of the American Independent Party.
    Please explain your comments here. I am both the Chairman of the American Independent Party of California and the Chairman of the American Independent Party Orange County Central Committee. I ran for County Central Committee in Orange County in 2012. I filed
    petitions with 30 signatures to get on the ballot.
    Therefore, please correct your comment her, because you
    are just wrong.

    Cody Quirk, Please explain your comment at #60? Remember it was Wm Shearer that asked me to run for Vice
    Chairman of the American Independent Party of California
    in 2006. It was Wm Shearer that got be elected a party office in 2004 and got me to run for Orange County Chairman of the AIP in March, 2004.

    TO Post # 57: I received no e-mail from you.

    TO Gary Odem, There was no fix in at the AIP convention.
    First I like Virgil Goode. He is a fine man. However,
    elections are make by choices. I have known Tom Hoefling
    like you since the 2005. I did not meet Mr. Goode until
    Friday, August 10th, 2012. Tom Hoefling was working for
    my hero in 2008, viz. Dr. Alan Keyes. Even Jim Clymer reminded the California Delegates to the Convention that
    he supported Dr. Alan Keyes of POTUS in 2008.

    Most of the delegates to the convention in 2012, backed
    Dr. Alan Keyes in 2008.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party of California. P.S. Starting on September 4, 2012, Dr. Wiley Drake, Sr. will be the Chairman of the American Independent Party of California. Dr. Drake was the running mate with
    Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes in 2008.

  52. Steve Schulin

    That means he is not in Nevada. It is news to me. I thought that Hoefling is campaigning in Nevada. What is
    your source that Hoefling is now in California?

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party of California.

  53. Mark Seidenberg, when we were at the convention together, about 2 p.m, I asked you whom you were going to vote for, for President. You looked me in the eye and said you still hadn’t decided. You were not truthful. Ed Noonan knew the whole decision had been made before the meeting was even convened, and you knew it too, but you couldn’t bring yourself to be honest about it.

  54. I wish that Mark Seidenberg would tell us all what is to be accomplished by nominating a candidate for President who is, other than in California via the AIP, only going to be on the ballot in a couple other states, when Virgil Goode will be on the ballot in at least 30 – perhaps more. Tom Hoefling may be a good person and a patriot. But why divide the “constitutionalist” vote? It doesn’t make one bit of sense.

  55. Relevant to the choice by the literally criminal ” leaders ” of the state-recognized faction of the AIP of the moral, minimally, criminal Tom Hoefling as their Presidential candidate readers should know that ” the fix was in ” against Virgil Goode from the very first submission of Presidential primary names by SPLC/ADL/Republican agent Mark Seidenberg to the SOS office many months ago.

    To understand this you have to understand that the primary purpose of the AIP criminals convention was NOT to choose a Prseidential byline candidate nor to perform the traditional functions of such a meeting. Instead the crowning ” achievement ” of the meeting, at least to the criminal mastermind Mark Robinson who believes he controls the party ( instead of the SPLC/ADL/Republican alliance ), was to deny, in-person, the nomination to the standard bearer of the Constitution Party; in this case Virgil Goode.

    EVERYTHING that these criminals have done this year was aimed toward that one special moment when Robinson; who despite of and in total opposition to his totally fake ” Christian ” exterior/act despises the CP and everything it stands for; could claim that HE PERSONALLY, THE GREATEST PARLIMENTARIAN IN THE UNIVERSE; had, like Caesar, put ” thumbs down ” on the peon ( Virgil ) who he imagined had approached him ( the ruler of his world ) for approval.

    The intention all along was that Virgil would be denied the Presidential ballot line whether he got 1 or 1 million votes. There was no possible way that he would be ” blessed ” by God’s impersonator Robinson ( who so generously lets God do his functions for him ) as either Ed Noonan or Joe Shomo pulled from a gutter ( another version of Ed ) would be chosen instead of Virgil. All of the personal invitation calls by Seidenberg were planned from the first to lure the expected CP nominee to the ” convention ” so that Robinson could have his internal orgasm as he imagined himself to finally achieve the god status he believes he so richly deserves.

    And – surprise, surprise – in a falling out among demons Ed Noonan gets the same shaft that he so happily gave out before. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving sociopath/traitor/liar extraordinaire.

    Steve Schulin – Tom Hoefling is, as I describe at, a minimally moral criminal who was directly involved in the attack upon the CP; i.e.; the attack upon the 3rd party conservative movement. He is a liar, a coward, a complete fraud, and a monstrous, but totally understandable, choice of the AIP for President.

    He is totally understandable as their Presidential choice because he, like they ( sociopaths all ), is a moral criminal; i.e.; he is an ememy of our Creator. He is a fellow in good standing with the Robinson Crime Syndicate and is hence not only a moral coward but a totally fake religionist; i.e; he is a fake ” Christian ” just like Robinson is a fake Christian, Seidenberg is a fake Jew, and Noonan is a fake Mormon.

    Hoefling is only one part of the iceberg that is comprised of moles and traitors who are dedicated to killing the 3rd party conservative movement. Robinson, Seidenberg, and Noonan are other parts of the same anti-American and anti-humanity mafia. Their iceberg goes very deep and it has a ton of money behind it.

    So Steve – time to wake up and pull your head out of your posterior. Hoefling, like his fellow Robinson Criminal Syndicate members, is a liar from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep and every moment in between. It is a measure of how far we have deteriorated as a nation that Tom Hoefling would dare to campaign for President. And yes – I am aware of a fellow named Obama when I wrote that.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. the last properly elected Chairman of the AIP, still its legal Chairman, and current Chairman of the Constitution Party of California.

    P.S. – Wiley Drake is yet another fake Christian and will hence be perfectly at home with his fellow moral criminals/cowards/liars/traitors.

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