Reform Party Chooses Andre Barnett for President

On August 11-12, the Reform Party national convention was held in Philadelphia. The delegates chose Andre Barnett for President. Here is his campaign web page. Here is the wiki page about him. He lives in Poughkeepsie, New York. The Reform Party is ballot-qualified in Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. However, the Kansas Reform Party already nominated someone else for President this year.

The vice-presidential nominee is Ken Cross of Arkansas.


Reform Party Chooses Andre Barnett for President — 15 Comments

  1. The Reform Party is qualified in Kansas but that bunch of yahoos nominated Chuck Baldwin for president so Andre won’t be on the ticket in Kansas.

  2. Mississippi may be in question as well from what I have heard, due to faction fight.

    Not sure what if any other states they will try for.

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  4. I know that the Modern Whig Party had been encouraging its members to support candidates interested in the Modern Whig Party’s presidential nomination through the Americans Elect convention process. I know that Andre Barnett was seeking the Americans Elect, Modern Whig, and Reform nominations. I don’t know whether or not the Modern Whig Party will either give its nomination or official endorsement to Andre Barnett, but it would give them a candidate with ballot access, even if it is on another party’s ballot line.

  5. Looks like Andre used Robby Wells’ photographer – from below and looking up and away. What’s “up” with that?

  6. its my understanding from a reliable source the ms party will nominate a member of the ohara family for president, no surprise since shawn ohara runs the party in ms, he is also running for us senate

  7. I am happy that he was nominated but there doesn’t seem to be any focus on his campaign and also I notice there are no states where he is on the ballot. So how are we to vote for him as a write in candidate?

  8. I guess the saner ones from these pseudo-parties are hoping for some sort of nuisance payoff. Just keep reminding the big donors of the time the La Rouchies got two nominations in IL and caused the abandonment of the entire state DP ticket. You can’t do that with a “third party,” but you can execute an entryist move into one of the official bandit(D/R)parties at a later date and wreak some havoc.

    As a “third party” you can spook one of the military-Israel-Wall Street parties’ local chapters with the “spoiler effect.” Some of the yokels think it’s a myth-but all the highly paid political professionals know it’s for real.

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