Gary Johnson Outpolls President Obama in Wibaux County, Montana

The presidential vote in Wibaux County, Montana, is: Mitt Romney 421, Gary Johnson 98, President Obama 25. The percentages are: Romney 77.4%, Johnson 18.0%, Obama 4.6%. These figures are accurate and have been confirmed by the County election administrator. Wibaux County is at the eastern end of Montana and borders North Dakota. Thanks to Austin Cassidy for this news.


Gary Johnson Outpolls President Obama in Wibaux County, Montana — 15 Comments

  1. If Gov. Johnson decided to run again and Libertarians don’t jump on Rand Paul’s baggage train, the LP could quite easily hit 5% in 2016.

  2. Some of his best % as of this morning:

    New Mexico 27,244 3.50%
    Montana 11,872 2.90%
    Alaska 5,485 2.50%
    Wyoming 5,302 2.20%
    Maine 11,665 2.00%

    Some of his best numbers as of this morning:

    California 94,405 1.00%
    Texas 87,858 1.10%
    Illinois 54,737 1.10%

  3. @ #1 Gary Johnson got a boost from Ron Paul’s failed candidacy. If Rand Paul runs for the Republican nomination in 2016, he can build up a base of support that can transfer to Johnson in the general election, after the Republicans stomp on Rand.

  4. The following Presidential races had the total 3rd party votes impact them:

    Florida – The total 3rd party 0.70% impacted race.
    North Carolina – Johnson’s 1.0% impacted race.
    Ohio – The total 3rd party 1.40% impacted race.
    Virginia – The total 3rd party 1.40% impacted race.

  5. With all due respect to Rand Paul, no one who endorsed Mitt Romney could gain the support of the Libertarian Party in my opinion. I hope Gary Johnson (and Jim Gray) think strongly about running again after they take a well-deserved rest break from all this. As someone who has been a Libertarian for about three decades, I’m impressed with what Johnson accomplished when you consider that he started by seeking the Republican nomination last year, had to wait until May to get the Libertarian nomination and then hold his fire until Dr. Paul did his thing through August.

  6. I wonder who led the campaign in Wibaux County? It would be interesting to learn what was done there to achieve such a grest result.

  7. If you look at the numbers from that county you may find that a number of statewide libertarians did well for such a small county. It borders South Dakota. check out for Montana results from counties.

  8. @ #8 “I wonder who led the campaign in Wibaux County?”

    Nobody. It’s called a clerical error. Either that, or the good folks in Wibaux County didn’t care much for the other Libertarian statewide candidates.

  9. #10, Wibaux County borders North Dakota, not South Dakota. Interstate-94 goes through it.

  10. Thanks for the link to the SOS tabulations. I saw that in Wibaux County, Libertarian Mike Fellows won with 54%.

  11. #5 – Continued: In Fl, Obama is ahead by 47,381 but the three minor party candidates (Johnson, Stein, and Barr) have 60,381 votes.

  12. Another Gary Johnson supporter here! When Judge Gray was in town he was talking like theyd run again in 16, can’t wait to vote for him again!

    As for the link wouldnt entirely trust the google thing, its got Goode with under 4000 votes, but saw an article earlier he got 10,000+ in VA

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