Jill Stein’s Best State is Maine

Jill Stein received 1.3% of the Maine vote, making Maine the first state that has certainly cast as much as 1% of its presidential vote for the Green Party nominee since 2000, when Ralph Nader polled over 1% in most states. Stein’s next best states are Alaska and Oregon, where final tallies may also show her just over the 1% mark.


Jill Stein’s Best State is Maine — 17 Comments

  1. Stein’s 2nd best state is actually, Alaska at 1%. i live in juneau, the capitol city,and i voted green.

  2. Do you know where is a full list of the popular vote of all presidential candidates listed on the ballot?

  3. And we are the first state to vote, as a people, to recognize all people deserve the same civil rights.

    If that offends you…stuff it.

  4. Yeah, I am proud to be a Mainer who voted and advocated for Stein. We also had candidates for State Representative who got 27% and 34% in three way races, besting the Republicans easily. Independent former Green Party activist Ben Chipman easily won re-election, as did Green City Councilors David Marshall and Kevin Donoghue in Portland. Holly Seeliger, Green candidate for School Board in Portland, won as well. Yeah Greens!

  5. I had a feeling that Jill Stein would do well (relatively speaking) in Maine. I’ve been to Maine and the Green Independent Party (which is what the Green Party is called in Maine) is the #3 party in that state.

    How did Gary Johnson do in Maine?

  6. Much better than Jill Stein; 2.0%.

    Johnson did better than Stein or any other non-duopoly presidential candidate everywhere where he was on the ballot, except DC where Stein was ahead 0.8 to 0.7%.

  7. “p Says:
    November 7th, 2012 at 9:40 am

    Much better than Jill Stein; 2.0%.”

    I thought that Gary Johnson had the potential to do well (relatively speaking) in Maine. Why? Because Maine was on the strongest states for Ron Paul.

    It’s too bad that the Gary Johnson campaign wasn’t able to spend more money in Maine. I know that Maine is one of two states where Elector College votes are apportioned by Congressional District (Nebraska being the other state). If enough funding had been availble he would have stood a chance at carrying a congressional district and winning an electoral vote. Maine has election day voter registration, so a get out the vote effort to non-registered voters would have given Johnson a chance to pull this off (if the funding was available of course).

  8. After getting the Socialist Party and Justice Party kicked off the ballot in Illinois as possible rivals who would syphon off votes, the Greens managed to get 0.6% of the Illinois vote for Jill Stein!??? In addition, they managed to get a lot of people pissed off at them who did not vote Green this time. I know I was one of them.
    Congratulations Greens. Keep up the great work.

  9. Yeah, I wrote in Jill Stein in KS and I can’t find her in any of the results! What’s the deal with KS and CT??

  10. From a Libertarian, congratulations to Dr. Stein. I thought she was a very able candidate for her Party. And as a fellow Illinoisan #11, I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t think any political party should be in the business of trying to thwart the right of any voter to vote for whom she or he chooses. If anything, they should be helping other parties gain access.

  11. An individual challenged wrongly thinking he (and his friends) where helping the party. They were persuaded BY PEOPLE IN THE PARTY to withdraw the challenge but the withdrawal was not accepted as it was too late.

  12. #15 Funny thing about missing that deadline considering the Green Party lawyer who got the challenges started in the first place and has been involved representing the ILGP in electoral issues for years didn’t know that.

    While a lot of Greens DID voice opposition to the challenges, the ILGP State Central Committee voted to support the challenges against the Socialist and Justice parties, but not against the Constitution Party

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