Preliminary National Totals for Some Minor Party Presidential Candidates

Google has compiled the national totals for various presidential candidates who were on the ballot, but they are very faulty. Google figures for Virgil Goode, for example, show less than 10,000, when the preliminary returns from the 26 states in which he was on the ballot yield a total of 108,195 votes. Google calculates 1,139,562 for Gary Johnson as of several hours ago, but of course all these numbers are constantly increasing as more votes are counted. Probably at least 8% of all votes nationwide still haven’t been counted, perhaps more. Google, several hours ago, showed Jill Stein at 396,684. It seems likely that Roseanne Barr (whose google total is 48,797) polled more votes than Rocky Anderson, whose google total several hours ago was 34,521.


Preliminary National Totals for Some Minor Party Presidential Candidates — 11 Comments

  1. I like Rocky Anderson but he flopped badly. I’m curious to see what happens to the Justice Party now. Honestly, it seems little different than the Green Party which is much better established.

  2. That’s sad for Rocky that Barr out did him when she was only on the ballot in three stars although she did have the ballot line in CA.

  3. Anderson’s vote total would be much higher had the Green Party not gotten him kicked off the Illinois ballot.

  4. Wow, the Constitution Party got alot more then 4,000 votes. Someone needs to update that. Goode got at 108,000 votes and still counting.

  5. You won’t find them anywhere yet. It takes a while for write-in votes to be tallied and reported, sometimes weeks. Many never get tallied or reported.

  6. I heard one person say, “For president and write-in votes, it’s double what the state says. That’s a more realistic vote.”


    Ok, now that my caps lock is unstuck, I also wish to congratulate Jack Fellure for at least keeping his dying, bleeding, anemic Prohibition party alive witth 500+ votes in Louisiana.

  8. I just added up the numbers reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and found that Liberatarian Gary Johnson decisively beat all the minor party candidates combined. 1,189,227 for Johnson versus 735,372 for all minor party candidates combined, as of a few minutes ago. This may be an important step on the Libertarian Party’s road from being _a_ third party to being _the_ third party.

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