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Two Politicians Who Promoted Top-Two Primary Systems Lose

Published on November 7, 2012, by in General.

Two politicians who have staked their reputations on advocacy of top-two primary systems have been defeated. In Washington state, according to this story, it is likely that Republican Rob McKenna has lost the Governor’s race. McKenna is the current Attorney General, and a very strong supporter of top-two in his state. He personally argued in the U.S. Supreme Court in defense of Washington state’s top-two law in 2007. This year, he used his influence in the Republican Party to persuade the party not to put its name on the cert petition filed by the Washington state Democratic and Libertarian Parties. UPDATE: McKenna conceded on November 9.

In California, former Lieutenant Governor Abel Maldonado, who forced the California legislature to place Proposition 14 on the ballot at the June 2010 election, has lost his Congressional race. The California Secretary of State’s web page shows that with all precincts reporting (although many absentee and provisional ballots remain to be counted), Maldonado polled 45.2%, losing to incumbent Democratic congresswoman Lois Capps, who has 54.8%.

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  1. I guess that’s good. Is it going to advance liberty? Did any laws get changed?

  2. Tom Yager

    Good news. Maldonado especially deserved to lose after the way he held California ‘s economy hostage during the depths of the Great Recession so that he could get Top Two.

  3. Be Rational

    “Top-two” is an evil, dangerous system that creates a one-party electoral system controlled by the state.

    Yes, defeat of its architects is a good thing.

    Advocates and supporters of “top-two” should be defeated, fired or otherwise removed from any public office they may hold.

  4. Demo Rep

    2012 – one more EVIL minority rule gerrymander election in the history books.

    1/2 votes x 1/2 gerrymander districts = 1/4 control (or less) — with or without top 2 primaries
    Save Civilization-
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  5. Larry Allred

    I helped, I voted against McKenna. He earned it.

  6. Andy

    Any politician who advocates the Top Two Primary system needs to be run out of office.

  7. Arthur C. Barker

    Justice. Mr. McKenna can always move to California before they secede to obtain their desired destiny — the New Greece.

  8. Be Rational

    Part of the big drop off in voter turnout in CA this year can be assigned to the lack of choice brought about by “top-two” as well. CA was not competitive in the POTUS event of course, but that was true in 2008.

    Time for a repeal movement for the anti-democratic “top two” system.

  9. Jim Riley

    #8 How much drop off was there?

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