Six Independent Candidates Elected to South Carolina Legislature

On November 6, six independent candidates were elected to the South Carolina legislature. However, in only one of these six races did the independent candidate beat major party nominees who were running. That was in the State Senate 23rd district. The results in that race are: independent Katrina Shealy 16,662; Republican Jake Knotts 14,271; Constitution Party nominee David Whetsell 1,587.

In the other five races, the independent who won had no major party opponents. These unusual races included four in which the only candidates on the ballot were independents; and one race in which the only two candidates on the ballot were an independent and a Libertarian. That race, for State House in the 26th district, had these results: independent Raye Felder 5,894; Libertarian Jeremy C. Walters 5,239. Walters notes that the State Election Commission webpage, on election night, omitted one of the sixteen precincts in his district, and says that happens to have been his strongest precinct. On November 8 he visited the county election commission and asked to see the full returns, but was not allowed to see them.

The races in which only independents were on the ballot were State House races, in districts 15, 56, 64, and 105. The winners were, respectively, Samuel Rivers, Mike Ryhal, Robert Ridgeway, and Kevin Hardee.


Six Independent Candidates Elected to South Carolina Legislature — 2 Comments

  1. Wow, hopefully the precinct eventually shows up on returns, if not I imagine Walters will sue (especially if it’s an unexpected result – Felder having more votes in it).

  2. SC uses old iVotronic voting machines cast off from other states. There is no audit trail.

    Owing to numerous problems with these machines, certain precincts are not yet reported. The reports will all come in eventually, but will not be verifiable.

    For more on the problems with SC’s electronic voting machines, please see
    And also

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