Even Though Georgia Certified Election Returns, the Write-in Tally Still Isn’t Complete

The Georgia Secretary of State’s office says not all counties have forwarded the write-in totals for the declared write-in candidates, so even though the Secretary’s web page purports to have the final results, they really aren’t final yet. Until the write-in results come in, no one can even know the precise number of votes cast in Georgia for President or any other office. The Secretary of State hopes to have the complete results by Thanksgiving.


Even Though Georgia Certified Election Returns, the Write-in Tally Still Isn’t Complete — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for the info, Richard. Do we know of any website which will or has already tallied write-ins and shows us who the write-in was for? Or do we not have that yet?

  2. I don’t think there are any complete write-in tallies known in any state, except Wyoming, but Wyoming refuses to reveal whom the write-in votes were cast for. That is a problem that also has existed in D.C., Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. The Libertarian Party is hoping to ask the US Supreme Court to take the case on whether states must tally the votes for declared write-in candidates, but that will take about $2,000. Anyone who wants to help with that should consider sending a contribution to COFOE (Coalition for Free & Open Elections), Bx 470296, San Francisco Ca 94147. It is possible the DC Board of Elections will decide to count write-in votes for declared write-in presidential candidates this year. Rocky Anderson has asked for a tally and it is been over a month since he asked, and the Board hasn’t answered his letter. If the DC Board does count them, then there would be no appeal to the US Supreme Court concerning DC. But candidates like Jill Stein ought to sue Wyoming over Wyoming’s failure to tally her write-ins.

  3. Georgia write-in totals, per their state website:
    Stein: 1516
    Goode: 432
    Anderson: 154
    Hykes: 55
    Reed: 30
    Harris: 21
    Byrne: 2
    Magee: 1

    Also, Cynthia McKinney received 58 write-in votes in the 4th Congressional District.

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