Two More Special Georgia Legislative Elections Set for January 8

Georgia State Senator Chip Rogers was re-elected unanimously on November 6 in district 21, but yesterday he resigned from the State Senate. Therefore, a special election will be held to fill the vacancy on January 8, 2013. Qualifying runs from December 10 to noon on December 12. Anyone can run with no petition; the only ballot access requirement is to pay a filing fee of $400. If no one gets at least 50% in January, a run-off will be held on February 5. See this story.

Sean Jerguson, one of the candidates in the special state senate race, was unanimously re-elected to the House on November 6. He had represented House district 21 (it is just a coincidence that both empty districts happen to be numbered district 21). He is forced to resign from his House seat in order to run in the Senate election, so his seat will also be vacant, and it will also be filled on January 8.


Two More Special Georgia Legislative Elections Set for January 8 — 5 Comments

  1. Richard,

    In Georgia special elections is there a rule that states that all candidates are listed without a party on the ballot, and if this is true, does this help ballot access? I seem to remember this when Zell Miller won a special election for Senate in 2000.

  2. Regarding @2

    And if not, can nonqualified parties run candidates in special elections? Can they run as independents?

  3. hoshie,

    Georgia special election rules sales that anyone who gets on the ballot can have whatever party designation next to their name that they want.

    This means wide open ballot access for this election only. If a non-Democrat/Republican ends up being elected, they would still have to petition to get on the ballot for re-election if they choose not to run as D or R.

  4. #4, yes, you’re right. The Socialist Workers Party label has appeared on the Georgia ballot under this provision.

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