Maine Counts Write-ins for Ron Paul

Maine is one of the few states in which a slate of presidential elector candidates, pledged to a write-in presidential candidate, can file for write-in status without the consent of the presidential candidate himself or herself. A group of presidential elector candidated pledged to Ron Paul filed, and Maine has now released the write-in totals. The write-in vote for Ron Paul last month was 2,035 votes, which is .29% of the total presidential vote.

Other write-in presidential candidates in Maine were Rocky Anderson, who received 62; and Jill Reed, who received 30. The four presidential candidates who were on the ballot were President Obama, Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein. Johnson received 9,352; Stein received 8,119.

California will also release a write-in total for Ron Paul, but has not done so yet. Chances are his California write-in total will be at least 25,000. Other declared write-in presidential elector slates in California are Stewart Alexander, Rocky Anderson, Steve Durham, Virgil Goode, James Harris, Sheila Tittle, and Jerry White.

New Hampshire doesn’t have a write-in declaration of candidacy procedure. However, the Secretary of State decided to tally the Ron Paul votes, and in that state, Paul was credited with 1,374 write-ins, which is .19% of the total vote cast for President.


Maine Counts Write-ins for Ron Paul — 5 Comments

  1. Paul got 17,006 write-ins in California last time so we will have a comparison there. His write-in tally was higher in NH this time (1,374 to 1,092). So somewhere between 20-25,000 might be a good guesstimate.

    Having looked at the (sometimes illegible) write-in reports from Alabama I counted 253 for Paul in 2008 and 571 in 2012 but please note rather more of the 2012 records were readable so direct comparison is impossible.

    For those interested my count of the Alabama returns is Paul 571, Hoefling 10, Anderson 8, Barr 5, Alexander 2, Schriner 2, Harris 1, Miller 1, Reed 1, O’Hara 1. The only candidate bar Paul to get over 25 was Mario Yow who received 153 (all or in Mobile County).

  2. “Who are all those AIP folks voting for?”

    The ones who actually AIP are voting for Hoefling.

    The ones who registered AIP by mistake, which is most of them, are voting mostly for Obama and Romney with a scattering for all kinds of different candidates.

  3. Two friends told me they voted for me. But since I pledged not to take office if not elected, I won’t ask for a recount.

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