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Roseanne Barr-Cindy Sheehan Ticket’s Best County in U.S. is Trinity County, California

Published on December 15, 2012, by in General.

The Peace and Freedom Party ticket of Roseanne Barr for President and Cindy Sheehan for Vice-President’s best county in the U.S. was Trinity County, California. The ticket polled 1.18% in that county, which is a mountainous county just to the east of the Green Party’s best county in the U.S., Humboldt County.

The Barr-Sheehan ticket only appeared on the ballot in California, Colorado, and Florida. So far, write-ins for the ticket have been counted in Alabama, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, Utah, and Wisconsin.

Outside California, the ticket’s best county was Cheyenne County, Colorado, where it polled .91%. Cheyenne County is on the Kansas border.

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  1. Will Fenwick

    I imagine if they had had full ballot access throughout the country they would have gathered at least 300,000 votes, likely hurting the green party a great deal.

  2. johnO

    Roseanne Barr for Calif. Gov! Peace and Freedom!

  3. It’s extremely unfortunate when celebrity shenanigans eclipse the hard work of real, alternative candidates, as well as the activists that support and work for their campaigns.

  4. @2 She lives in Hawaii.

  5. Jim Riley

    0.91% = 10 votes.

  6. johnO

    @5 Ok, Cindy Sheehan for Calif. Gov. Peace and Freedom!

  7. Whuh

    @6 So only a thousand people voted for president in a county of over 13k people?

  8. Sam

    Thirty-four of the POTUS candidates were actively coordinating and working together as a team during the last election.

  9. By which @9 means they didn’t bother to unsubscribe from his list.

  10. Jim Riley

    #8 The 0.91% was in Cheyenne County, Colorado. If include all the censuses from 1960 to 2010 you have 13,802 persons.

  11. Cindy Sheehan for Calif. Gov. Peace and Freedom!

    Wouldn’t get past the insane top two primary, unfortunately.

  12. Michael

    If it wasn’t for Roseanne and the PFP, Jill Stein and the GP would have gotten over the half million total. Another case of Roseanne’s ego.

  13. Sam

    @13 I think it’s just great that Roseanne is elected the All Party System’s president for four years. She’s in the coalition now. She’s done more than anyone. Too cool.

  14. Sam

    Roseanne is not only in the coalition but she’s the top dog.

  15. James “Sam” Ogle @14

    Hardly anyone cares, other than for your spamming comment sections on sites like this one.

  16. She had easily enough resources to get the Green nomination or get on the ballot in many states as P & F or to get a media and speaking tour, none of which she did.

    Either run or don’t run, but don’t run half assed.

  17. Sam

    Check out the new US Parliament – E.R.A. & Ratify the First Facebook page:


  18. James “Sam” Ogle @15

    The “coalition” is mostly you and the fingers of your hand.

  19. James “Sam” Ogle @18

    No thanks!

  20. Jed Siple

    Hey, leave Ogle alone! His fake Parliament is still less insane than the Congress we have now!

  21. Sam

    Thank you Jed, I do prefer faux… 😉

  22. Sam

    The faux parliament. :)

  23. Sam

    We’re kicking off in the 24 counties of Nor Cal (ss11-1) on 1/1/2013, this is the four year cycle from when MP Richard Winger [Libertarian] spoke in 2009. I happen to be one of the three prime ministers in case anyone wants a full cabinet ministry, one of 60 available posts. Get em while they’re hot:


  24. @21 I reluctantly agree that you have a point.

  25. @23 Does it get covered on Faux News?

  26. :-)

    Lay offa Ogle. Even though his “fake parliamentary system” makes my head spin and I can’t really wrap my mind around it, he seems to be a decent guy (even though he does kinda spam).

  27. Sam

    @ 26 “Does it get covered on Faux News?”

    Me: The Faux Parliament has its own news channel.

    Our new sister company’s purposes include vote counting, video documentaries and movies for the political organization, is based in Delaware and is electing 25 BoDs based 1/2 on workers’ votes and 1/2 on some sort of “free energy” system of contributors and cash.

    We’ve been doing live streaming and we’re trying to connect with other news organizations, video production teams, actors/actresses, screen writers, etc..

    We’d certainly welcome coverage on Faux News, but we’re obviously not going to sit and wait on them to generate news coverage for us.

    BTW, if anyone wants to contribute free energy or cash to the news company and/or be a BoD be sure to contact the All Party System Co because there’s eleven open seats of the twenty-five available. We hope to have more information available for you soon:


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