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Rhode Island State Board of Elections Releases Presidential Write-in Tally

Published on December 20, 2012, by in General.

Rhode Island does not have a law requiring write-in candidates to file a declaration of candidacy if they wish their write-ins counted. Instead, Rhode Island tallies the votes for any candidate who receives at least five write-ins. For President last month, Rhode Island says the names that received as many as 5 write-ins are: Ron Paul 617, Hillary Clinton 64, Mickey Mouse 14.

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  1. :-)

    Mickey Mouse – 14

    MICKEY 2016! :p
    Is 2012 a World Record for the most amount of votes Mickey has ever gotten?

  2. c

    That makes the total ron paul vote 25,822 (and counting!)

  3. Jed Siple

    That’s it? I figured more people than that would receive votes.

  4. @2 How many states does that represent and how many are left to count? How many states were they not counted in? And how does it compare with 2008?

    Do we know yet if Johnson or Paul will have any electoral votes?

  5. c

    @4 it represnts 5 Rhode island, california, Alabama, Maine, and new hampshire. i have no idea how many more states will release ron paul totals. in 2008 he got 42,426 votes from Florida, california, Montana, and louisiana. and we won’t know if anybody other then romney or obama get any electoral vote till Jan 6 2013.

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  6. D o you have RonPaul2020 reserved yet? LOL

  7. c

    @6 As a matter-of-fact I plan to chair his Re-election campaign! RON PAUL 2016: http://www.ronpaul16.com/please-run-for-president-in-2016/

  8. Walter Ziobro

    If Americans Elect is still around in 2016, an organized effort by Ron Paul supporters to run Ron Paul as a draft candidate could win him the AE nomination.

  9. Casual Bystander

    Ron Paul would be 80 by then. I doubt he would be interested.

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