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Socialist Workers Party Polled More Votes for One of its U.S. House Candidates than it Did for President in the Whole Nation

Published on December 21, 2012, by in General.

The Socialist Workers Party nominee for U.S. House in Iowa’s 3rd district, David Rosenfeld, polled 6,286 votes, 1.63% of the total. The district covers southwest Iowa and includes Des Moines. The race in this district between the two major parties was hard fought, with two incumbents running against each other due to redistricting and reapportionment. Republican Tom Latham received 202,000, and Democrat Leonard Boswell received 168,632. An independent candidate, Scott Batcher, polled 9,352.

Rosenfeld received more votes for U.S. House than James Harris, the SWP’s presidential nominee, received in the nation. Harris was on the ballot in six states and polled 4,115 votes, the lowest presidential vote total in the party’s history. The SWP has been running presidential candidates in all elections 1948 through the present.

The SWP also did well in 2010 in the Des Moines U.S. House race. That year, Rebecca Williamson running in the 3rd district received 6,258 votes, 2.60%.

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  1. johnO

    SWP running in Chicago 2nd Special Election in 2013. Des Moines must’ve had majority of Mr. Rosenfeld’s votes. The suburbs and rural areas not so many.

  2. In New York’s 13rd CD, Deborah Liatos, SWP challenger to Rep Charles Rangel, received 4,874 votes, 2.9% of the total. This would appear to be the best percentage for an SWP candidate this year.

  3. #1, actually, David Rosenfeld got a higher percentage of the vote outside Polk County (which contains Des Moines) than he did inside Polk County. He got 1.89% outside Polk County but only 1.44% in Polk County. His best county was Mills County, where he got 3.45%.

    #2, thank you very much. I had not looked at New York election returns yet very much because they aren’t final, but I hope they will be in six days.

  4. johnO

    Maybe Ms. Liatos could run for Mayor race in N.Y.C. as SWP nominee.

  5. Demo Rep

    Who needs the SWP when there is the Donkey Party quite full of communist statists ???

    How many precincts in which the Elephants got ZERO votes for Prez in Nov 2012 — or merely less than 5 percent ???

  6. Donkeys are corporatist lackeys, much like elephants.

  7. johnO

    How about NY Conservative Party for N.Y.C. as well? Socialist Equality Party? How about more party choices than “hack” D’s and R’s?

  8. Jed Siple

    Perhaps Ms. Liatos would be a better presidential candidate for 2016 than the revolving door of Harris & Calero.

  9. :-)

    Or maybe the SWP should dissolve already and join forces with the $ociali$t party.

  10. How about SWP split some more…say SWP and WSP?

  11. Part of that strong showing is Boswell’s chronic weakness as a candidate. The left end of the Democrats has been dissatisfied with Blue Dog Boswell for ages and he drew a strong primary challenge in 2008.

  12. How about SWP split some more…say SWP and WSP?

    Maybe also a P of SW? SWP(M-L) and so on….

  13. johnO

    SWP has slit many times. Mao’s followers I believe are part of the Workers World Party. Stalin’s followers are part of Socialist Action Party and Party of Liberation and Socialism. The Socialist Equality Party is Trotsky’s followers. The Socialist Party USA is anti-communist but do believe in the state taking care of you from cradle to grave. All the “Socialist” parties either came from Eugene Debs original Socialist Party which he created or the from Trotsky-Lenin Communist-Bolshevik-Marxist period of 1920’s. So the socialist model has split over and over again because of ideology and cult of personality issues. Eugene Debs was a Democrat at first and some of todays Democrats fight for his values like continued funding of Social Security, Pensions, paid health care etc.

  14. Casual Bystander

    What about Daniel De Leon and the SLP? I believe as the Workingman’s Party they were first.

  15. johnO

    Thank you. De Leon I believe is a follower of Castro?

  16. That’s not enough parties, they need some more :-)

  17. johnO

    In Des Moines?
    In Iowa?
    Or do you want more “Socialist” parties?

  18. I was being facetious, but I meant in general.

  19. Richard Winger

    Castro wasn’t even born when De Leon died.

  20. Quite an interesting character!

  21. johnO

    Born in Curacao. He did have interesting bio. Thank you.

  22. Les Evenchick

    JohnO!, Socialsit Action is another Trotskyist group not a Stalinist group. Please check your ideas before writing them down.

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