Virgil Goode Polled Over 2% of the Vote in Four Counties

Four counties in the United States gave Virgil Goode, Constitution Party presidential nominee, more than 2% of the total vote last month. They were Franklin County, Virginia (2.58%); Carroll County, Virginia (2.17%); Esmeralda County, Nevada (2.08%), and Craig County, Virginia (2.06%).

Two of the three Virginia counties listed above were not in Goode’s old Congressional district, the 5th. Instead they were in the 9th district, the far western part of Virginia.

Goode’s best states were: South Dakota .65%; Wyoming .59%; North Dakota .37%; Michigan .3407%; Idaho .3406%; and Virginia .339%.


Virgil Goode Polled Over 2% of the Vote in Four Counties — 10 Comments

  1. Utah was surprisingly weak for the constitution party this year. Likely Gary Johnson’s campaign and the fact that Romney is a Mormon caused individuals who had voted Constitution in the past to vote Republican or Libertarian.

  2. #4, the Constitution party candidate has gotten over 2% in several utah counties in the previous two elections. In 208 they even exceeded 5% in millard county (it was Goode’s best county in utah in 2012 at 0.99%.) The party also had been making some gains in local politics in the state, electing some municpal officials and signifigantly increasing its registration numbers.

  3. That is true of the presidential race race only. Virgil Goode’s showing in Utah, Idaho and Western Wyoming, all areas of significant Mormon population was disappointing. Still, among the Non- Mormon areas of Idaho and Wyoming, Goode had some of his best support.

    However, Richard Proctor, the CP candidate for state auditor garnered 50,489 votes or 5.21% of the vote which was by far the highest numerical vote ever received by a CP candidate in Utah. Shuan McCausland the CP candidate for the U S. Senate received 31,905 votes or 3.17%. He ran a hard hitting shoe string campaign with very little financing. There is little doubt that the Romney factor had an impact of the CP efforts in the state.

  4. The CP should try and get Tom Tancredo back into the party. He should either run for President in 2014. If not try again for Governor, Congress, or Senate in Colorado. He is strong on social issues and has more in common with CP than Republicans. The Republican Party doesn’t want to talk about social issues or border security anymore. They are only interested in Big Business. CP got major party status in Colorado with Tom Tancredo and he should be CP’s first person to call for any office in Colorado or Pres.

  5. @6 Might have something to do with Romney being LDS, I imagine.

    @7 I don’t think Tancredo is interested. But I think it would be funny if he runs for president in *2014*.

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