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Highest Showings for Libertarians for U.S. House Were in Arizona, Kansas and Mississippi

Published on December 25, 2012, by in General.

The three Libertarian U.S. House nominees in the nation (in races with both a Republican and a Democrat) who received the highest shares of the vote in 2012 were in Arizona, Mississippi and Kansas. Powell Gammill, in the Arizona 9th district, polled 6.64% (16,620 votes). Ron Williams, in the Mississippi 4th district, polled 6.30% (17,982 votes). He is an experienced campaigner and had run for Governor in the 2011 Republican primary. In Kansas, Libertarian nominee Thomas Jefferson, running in the 4th district, polled 6.20% of the vote (16,058 votes).

Kansas also had the strongest Libertarian showing for a U.S. House race that lacked one major party. As noted earlier, in the Kansas 3rd district, Libertarian Joel Balam polled 31.55% (92,675 votes), the highest showing ever for a Libertarian in any U.S. House race. He almost carried Wyandotte County, which contains Kansas City. Thanks to Krystyna Lesiak for catching the original error in this post; the error was the failure to mention the Arizona race.

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  1. Jed Siple

    Gee, I wonder why Thomas Jefferson got so many votes? 😉

  2. Arthur C. Barker

    Great job, gentlemen!

    Richard, these reports of House election results really makes me wonder what it would look like if one of the 50 “laboratories of democratic experimentation” to paraphrase Governor Johnson would decide to implement Instant Runoff Voting from top to bottom in their elections.

    Richard, I know you know this, but for clarification the “Kansas City” mentioned in your post is, of course, the smaller Kansas City, Kansas and not the much larger Kansas City, Missouri, which adjoins it and everyone thinks about when they read or hear about “Kansas City.”

  3. David

    But David Kaiser of Montana received the most votes for a US House Candidate for the LP.

  4. @4 – Kaiser received 19,333 – which is far less than the 92,675 received by Joel Balam.

  5. Slam In A Y-Trap

    Most of the Montana US House candidates maybe?

  6. David

    #5 This was with races that had a Democrat and Republican. I forgot to include that part. Montana did well in 2010 for the US House with their candidate getting almost 21,000 votes, in a 3 way race with a Democrat and Republican.

  7. Slam In A Y-Trap

    What was the percentage in that race?

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