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Initiative To Be Submitted in Washington State to Make it Easier to Get Initiatives on the Ballot

Published on December 27, 2012, by in General.

In less than a week, proponents of the Initiative process in Washington state will submit signatures for their initiative that makes it easier for initiatives to get on the ballot. The measure expands the collection period from six months to one year, and also makes it illegal for opponents of an initiative to “push, shove, touch, spit, throw objects, yell, scream, be verbally abusive, block, maintain an intimidating presence, or take other tumultuous conduct” designed to interfere with speech between petitioners and passersby. Also, the measure says that when an initiative is found to have enough valid signatures, it must be placed on the ballot; lawsuits alleging that the measure violates the State or U.S. Constitution must be filed after the election is over, not before. The initiative needs 241,153 valid signatures and proponents have not said yet how many signatures they have collected. The measure also applies to referenda. Thanks to Paul Jacob for this news.

6 Responses

  1. Scott A. Kohlhaas

    Very impressive.

  2. Demo Rep

    Hmmm. Democracy on the March — at least in WA State ???

    How about a short petition —

    I want Initiative 2013-1 on the next general election ballots.
    John/Mary Q. Electors – address – date signed.

    — i.e. 3 x 5 cards / paper — to even save some newspapers perhaps.

    At the moment — 18 States with voter petitions for state constitutional amendments.

  3. Baronscarpia

    Well, I’ll say this at least for corporate “persons…” they don’t spit.

  4. Demo Rep

    Since corporations are invisable, what can they do physically or mentally ???

  5. Baronscarpia

    4 –

    Well…speak, evidently.

  6. Demo Rep

    The fictions about corporations have become about as EVIL rotten as those involving governments — due to the legal history MORONS in SCOTUS.

    See Blackstone’s Commentaries — Book I, the Of Corporations chapter.

    Much too difficult for armies of MORON lawyers and judges to understand.

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