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Vermont Presidential Write-ins Now Known

Published on January 11, 2013, by in General.

The write-in vote for President in Vermont in November 2012 was: Ron Paul 717, Jill Stein 594, Virgil Goode 13, Roseanne Barr 9. These figures were determined on January 11 by a team of voting rights activists who volunteered to help the Vermont Secretary of State do this tally. Thanks to Jeremy Hansen for this news.

Presidential candidates who were on the ballot, and thus didn’t need to depend on write-ins, were President Obama, Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson, Rocky Anderson, and Peta Lindsay.

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  1. :-)

    Thank you, volunteers in VT, for getting these results published. :-)

  2. Demo Rep

    Total cost for the stunt ???
    Including any *free* junk food for the vote counters.

  3. Arthur C. Barker

    A salute to the volunteers!

  4. You’re welcome – and it cost nothing, aside from the paper and pencils that I brought in. It took the four of us a little over an hour to do the count.

  5. Demo Rep

    Will the volunteers get a footnote mention in the archives about the 2012 Prez election — at least a wiki mention ???

  6. Michael

    1 & 3) Salute!

  7. Walter Ziobro

    Maybe all states should allow volunteers to count overlooked write-ins

  8. Jed Siple

    Ron Paul got more votes than ballot-listed candidate Peta Lindsay, thus proving my point of why counting write-in votes is so important.


    I would be honoured to count Pennsylvania’s write-in votes, if they would only allow me.

  9. Andrew

    Congratulations and thanks to the volunteers for counting the write-in votes and kudos to the Vermont authorities for allowing this to happen

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