New Maine Registration Tally

Earlier this month, Maine’s Secretary of State released a new registration tally, as of November 6, 2012. When compared with the previous tally (from June 2012) the new tally shows that the two minor parties tallied by the state grew at a faster rate than any other type of voters.

The June 2012 tally showed: independents 337,535 (36.46%), Democrats 297,445 (32.13%), Republicans 258,463 (27.92%), Greens 32,315 (3.49%), American Elect 58 (.006%).

The November 2012 tally is: independents 361,797 (36.76%), Democrats 314,993 (32.00%), Republicans 269,589 (27.39%), Greens 37,764 (3.84%), Americans Elect 77 (.008%).

The Maine Green Party’s share of the registration is higher than that of any other minor party in any state, except the New York Independence Party has 3.96% and the Independent American Party of Nevada has 4.62%. The Independent American Party of Nevada is the Nevada affiliate of the Constitution Party. Thanks to Brent McMillan for the news about the new Maine registration tally.


New Maine Registration Tally — No Comments

  1. Good to see the Independents and Minor Party folks’ numbers increase both membership and percentage wise.

  2. What’s wrong with the Maine LP these days? File the paperwork so people can register Libertarian.

  3. Richard:

    How many other State minor parties have registration
    of at least 2% of their state total?

  4. Ok i know its a lost cause, but in Maine, technically there are no independent voters, Unless you count the Maine Green Independent Party, which is its official name.

    Voters who do not enroll are referred to as Unenrolled voters. Independent as a label is reserved for candidates who get on the ballot by petition and do not chose a party label.

    Unenrolled voters, are in my opinion, not independent, they allow, in Maine, others, Democrats, Greens, and Republicans and few brave and probably very tired by election day, candidates who circulate petitions, to make their choices for them.

    Yes the law could change, but that is what the law is right now.

  5. #3, Alaskan Independence, Independent Party of Florida, Independent Party of Oregon, are the only others. I think most people who register into these parties know they are joining a party. They like the idea of an “Independent Party.” It has been years and years since the California voter registration card was re-designed to make it utterly obvious that the American Independent Party is a party, not a synonym for being an independent. But AIP registration keeps growing. I think people want to be part of a group of independents, as opposed to being an isolated independent. And when one is filling out a voter registration card, checking the box to join a party of “independents” brings comfort.

  6. Maine LP has a hard time hitting the floor with its hat when sober. I pointed out to them all they needed was 5k signatures under the “organize a party around a candidate” loophole, but they didn’t even want to bother to explore it. With .007% of the registry and no candidate, look for AE to be chucked off the ballot soon.

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