Arizona Libertarian Party Opens its 2014 Primary to Independent Voters

On March 19, the Arizona Libertarian Party notified the Arizona Secretary of State that the party’s 2014 primary will be open to independent voters. The party had also taken that step in 2012, although it did not let independents vote in its primary in 2008 nor 2010. Under the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Tashjian v Republican Party of Connecticut, every party has the right to decide for itself whether to invite independent voters to vote in its primary; states cannot make this decision for political parties.


Arizona Libertarian Party Opens its 2014 Primary to Independent Voters — No Comments

  1. Arizona law permits voters who can vote in a primary to sign candidate petitions. Opening up their primary increases the pool of petition signers by 50X.

  2. The brain dead SCOTUS morons can NOT detect that each sovereign nation-state has TOTAL control by LAW about who nominates —
    1. ALL Electors-Voters – top 2 regimes — OR
    2. SOME Electors-Voters – the other regimes – the robot parties and/or other parties and/or independents — with or without runoff stuff.

    i.e. the LAW controls — NOT the robot party hack factions in the regimes.
    END the nomination machinations.
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.
    NO caucuses, primaries and conventions.
    Direct general election ballot access ONLY by equal nominating petitions for ALL candidates for the same office in the same area.

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