Michigan to Hold Four-Party Special State Senate Election on May 7

Michigan holds a special election to fill the vacant State Senate seat, 27th district, on May 7. Four parties entered the race. The nominees are: Democratic Jim Ananich; Republican Robert Daunt; Green Bobby Jones; Libertarian Robert Nicholls. The district is centered on Flint. Last time this race was up, in November 2010, the Democratic Party nominee had defeated the Republican and Libertarian nominees. Thanks to Michael for this news. UPDATE: the original post has been amended to include Nicholls. Thanks to the anonymous commenter who caught the error.


Michigan to Hold Four-Party Special State Senate Election on May 7 — No Comments

  1. The Election Division of the Genesee County Clerk’s office doesn’t yet have a candidate list posted on its Website:


    There is a space there for a link to one, though — so maybe soon. Or else they may be relying entirely on the Voter Information Center’s function of showing images of ballots; there, at least, all four candidates are listed. (As per Michigan law, the candidates are listed in the order of finish of their respective Secretary of State candidates in 2010 — REP, DEM, LIB, and GRN.)

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