Virginia Libertarian Party Nominates Rob Sarvis for Governor

On April 21, the Virginia Libertarian Party held a nominating convention and chose Rob Sarvis for Governor. He already has about 4,000 signatures but needs 10,000 valid by mid-June.

If he gets on the ballot, he will be only the second Libertarian ever on the Virginia ballot for Governor. The first was Bill Redpath, in 2001. UPDATE: here is more information about Sarvis, from Uncovered Politics.


Virginia Libertarian Party Nominates Rob Sarvis for Governor — No Comments

  1. Speaking of Libertarian Party of Virginia candidates in this years elections, I just today read the following in the latest LP News, March 2013 newspaper:

    “Chuck Moulton, Chair of the Virginia LP, said, “Virginia is actively recruiting candidates for the House of Delegates. We plan to run a record number of candidates in 2013.”

    It is also noted in the article, “State Election Hotspots in 2013: New Jersey and Virginia” that “Virginia will elect a governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and delegates to the House of Delegates (the lower house).”

  2. I’m so excited that Rob received the nomination and that LPVA will have a gubernatorial candidate this year.

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