Three-Party Debate in South Carolina U.S. House Race

On April 30, the three candidates on the ballot for U.S. House, South Carolina First District, debated each other. However, the debate was not televised. It was sponsored by the NAACP of Goose Creek, and was held the evening of April 30. No news article have been found that describes the debate, but here is a story saying it would take place. Thanks to Michael for the link.


Three-Party Debate in South Carolina U.S. House Race — No Comments

  1. All three candidates spoke separately and took questions at the NAACP event, so it was more like a joint appearance than a debate. There is this article, which gives equal time to Green Party nominee Eugene Platt, focuses on a single question from a child

    Also, the City Paper covered Eugene briefly but fairly here:

  2. Richard,

    How did the Green Party candidates do in 2012?
    World Almanac only lists 3rd parties with more than 10,000 votes-no Greens. Polls show Platt getting 5%, but that is misleading since Gr, Lbt nad Const get 1% or less on election day. Rasmussen had “some other candidate” for that reason.

  3. In 2012, the South Carolina Green Party had two candidates for US House. Jeff Sumerel in the 4th district had opponents from both major parties, and got 1.27%. Nammu Y. Muhammad was in a race with just one major party candidate, and got 5.58%.

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