North Dakota Libertarian Party is Back on Ballot

On August 30, the North Dakota Secretary of State determined that the Libertarian Party’s petition is valid, so the party is on the 2014 ballot. No other minor parties are ballot-qualified in this state. The party can stay on the ballot after 2014 if it can poll 5% for either Secretary of State or Attorney General in 2014. The only party, other than the Democratic and Republican Parties, that has met the North Dakota 5% vote test in the last 80 years was the Reform Party, which met the vote test in 1996 but which went off the ballot after the 1998 election. Although certain other minor parties received 5% for President during the last 80 years, before 1996 the only office that counted for retention of party status had been Governor. Fortunately, during the 1990’s the legislature expanded the list of offices for which the vote test applies.

The North Dakota Libertarian petition is the first qualifying petition for a party that has been completed in 2013, anywhere in the nation. Thanks to Bob Johnston for this news.


North Dakota Libertarian Party is Back on Ballot — No Comments

  1. Be forewarned. This was done to siphon the republican vote! The people behind this petition were obviously democrats looking for more handouts. Also the people behind this petition are not originally from Fargo. They are here to disrupt Fargo’s voting block. Trust me on that.

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