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Oklahoma Bill to Provide that Each U.S. House District Elect its Own Presidential Elector

Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm (R-Broken Arrow) has introduced SB 1238. It provides that each U.S. House district would elect its own presidential elector. Nebraska and Maine currently use that system. Thanks to Richard Prawdzienski for this news.

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  1. I would oppose such a system since I am for multi-winner districts without exception. The electors are representing the state as a whole, just as the POTUS would be representing the USA as a whole, and by using single-winner districts aligned with Congressional districts you’d be assuring a winner-takes-all system in every single Congressional district.

    If you want pure proportional representation, you need to use proportional representation. Otherwise, you will be forever preventing pure proportional representation.

  2. Demo Rep

    OK stuff = more ANTI-Democracy gerrymander machinations.

    Abolish the timebomb Electoral College.

    Uniform definition of Elector in ALL of the USA.

    Nonpartisan Approval Voting to elect all elected executive and judicial officers.

  3. Illinois Socialist

    Wow! Destroy 200 years of electoral process because you lost two elections to a black man. They didn’t do it when a white Democrat, Clinton, won two elections.

  4. Drew

    According to FairVote, every one of Oklahoma’s congressional districts is safely Republican. So if this law were put into effect, Oklahoma would go from one ignored Republican safe state to a bunch of ignored Republican safe districts. What’s the point?

    Oklahoma would be much better served by joining the National Popular Vote plan.

  5. Actually, at various times during the last 200 years, various states have voted for Presidential electors by Congressional District. It is not sacred that the eletors are chosen at large, and in fact, electing the Electoral College by Congressional District would enable electoral minorities in various states to be represented.

  6. Brandon

    Why should one city sway the vote of an entire state? If you want fair voting you should back this plan, let all of Illinoisan’s voices be heard equally. EQUALITY BABY!

  7. Baronscarpia

    The point is that Republican state legislators read the scripts written for them by A.L.E.C. without giving them any independent thought. That’s why the Koch brothers invest in Tea Party sock puppets.

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