Ohio Primary Filing Closes

February 5 was the Ohio deadline for candidates seeking a place on a primary ballot this year. This story mentions the statewide candidates who filed. It appears the Libertarian Party is running a full slate for the statewide partisan races (there is no U.S. Senate race this year in Ohio). The Green Party has only one statewide entry, a joint ticket for Governor/Lieutenant Governor.

Although no Socialist Party filed for statewide office, a Socialist filed to run for U.S. House in the Ninth District. It is not known whether anyone filed to run in the Constitution Party primary.

Ohio permits write-ins in primaries, so parties could potentially run more candidates if they obtain enough write-ins in the primary. Statewide write-in candidates need 500 votes, and district candidates need 25. The primary is May 6.


Ohio Primary Filing Closes — No Comments

  1. Is there a list of the full candidate filings, or is that still forthcoming from the Secretary of State’s office?

  2. The Ohio Secretary of State’s office is traditionally one of the last such offices in the nation to release a list of candidates. And in any event, that office would not release a candidate list before the primary petitions had been checked.

  3. For what it’s worth, Politics1 lists Jim Condit, Jr running as a Constitution candidate for Congress in the 8th district. It also lists the Socialist Party candidate as well (Susan Purviance) which is a change from a couple days ago. I don’t know where that information was obtained, but maybe that points to an answer for your question, Cody: http://politics1.com/oh.htm

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