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Two of the Three Republicans Running in Primary for Governor of Wyoming Have Strong Ties to Constitution Party

This article describes the three-way contest for the Wyoming Republican gubernatorial nomination. The three candidates are incumbent Matt Mead, Cindy Hill, and Taylor Haynes.

The Wyoming Constitution Party has strong ties to both Hill and Haynes. In April 2011, Haynes (who won 7% of the November 2010 gubernatorial vote as a write-in candidate) addressed the National Committee meeting of the Constitution Party. The article has a link to his talk at that event.

And, in 2013, the Wyoming Constitution Party led the effort to gather signatures on a referendum petition, to repeal a law that stripped Cindy Hill of most of her duties. She is the elected Superintendent of Public Instruction in Wyoming, but in 2013 the legislature passed a bill moving most of her duties to an appointed gubernatorial appointee. The Constitution Party did not get enough valid signatures to put that law to a referendum, but it get half-way and for a while the news media assumed that petition drive would succeed. Later, the Wyoming Supreme Court ruled the measure unconstitutional.

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  1. Don Wills

    Half true. Hill is a staunch Republican with no links to the Constitution Party whatsoever. The fact that Jennifer Young, Constitution Party candidate for Secretary of State this year, led the failed petition signature gathering effort to repeal SF-104 (the law that stripped Superintendent Hill of her duties) does not mean that Hill has any connection with the Constitution Party.

  2. Richard Winger

    There is a connection, because Hill repeatedly thanked the Constitution Party activists who worked so hard on that referendum petition.

  3. Not to quibble, but most of the folks who gathered petition signatures for the failed SF-104 referendum were registered Republicans.

  4. Richard Winger

    Yes, but it was Constitution Party members who organized the drive. It wouldn’t have happened without the Constitution Party.

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