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Local Water Board in Colorado Will Use Approval Voting

In Colorado, local water boards are permitted to run their own elections. The Ken Caryl Ranch Water and Sanitation Board has decided to hold its next election for Director using Approval Voting. The district elects five directors and serves an area with a population of approximately 32,000, near Littleton. Approval voting lets voters vote for as many candidates as they wish, regardless of how many are to be elected. Thanks to Frank Atwood and Mike Spalding for this news.

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  1. Note that this would be a bloc form of approval voting since it’s not proportional and more than one person is being elected at the same time. Still, very exciting!

  2. Demo Rep

    P.R. for legislative bodies.

    App.V. for executive/judicial offices.

    — pending Condorcet head to head math.

  3. Way to go, Frank Atwood!

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