U.S. Supreme Court Won’t Give Injunctive Relief to Ohio Libertarian Party

On May 5, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to give injunctive relief to the Ohio Libertarian Party, in the ballot access lawsuit involving the party’s primary ballot and its statewide candidates. Justice Clarence Thomas had received the request on May 2, and he did refer the matter to the other justices, but no relief was forthcoming.

The party had also asked Justice Elena Kagan for relief earlier on May 2, but she denied relief without forwarding the matter to any other justice. The issue is the law that requires petitioners to show on each petition blank who the employer of the circulator is. The party’s statewide primary petitions had been accepted by the Secretary of State even though they didn’t have that information. But when someone challenged the petitions, the challenge succeeded.


U.S. Supreme Court Won’t Give Injunctive Relief to Ohio Libertarian Party — No Comments

  1. Final paragraph of article in Columbus Dispatch: “If Earl gains access to the November ballot, he could win some votes that might have gone to Republican Gov. John Kasich. In a close election, that could tip the balance toward Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed Fitzgerald.”

    I believe it could be safely argued that if Charlie does not make it on the November ballot most of the votes that would have gone to him will go directly to the Democratic opponent or to no one at all. In short they may be trying to protect the Governor but I think it will backfire on them badly.

  2. ALL of the many rotten ANTI-Democracy court cases are compiled by the EVIL gerrymander monsters and put into the laws of as many States as possible.

    i.e. ALL 50 States are EVIL and VICIOUS ANTI-Democracy minority rule gerrymander regimes.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  3. I agree with Gregg. The GOP has violated our most sacred pillar of a Representative Republic–voting rights. THey have done it with gerrymandering and laws to thwart voter freedom. WHY would a Libertarian VOTE for a Republican after the attacks we have endured the past TEN years, especially lately? If Charlie does not make it to the NOvember ballot there are options to vote out there in November: #1 Do NOT vote for GOvernor, Vote for a Democrat, or vote for the Green Party candidate if they make it to the ballot. But do NOT vote for GOP candidate for Governor in Ohio. Show the GOP the same consideration they gave us with SB 193 and voter freedom in general.

  4. Kevin,

    The Green Candidate will not be elected if she makes the ballot, and 500 write ins without any advertising is hard, see 2012 and John.

    If you want to hurt the Republicans, Beat the Republicans. Vote for Ed Fitzgerald in the General.

    Also, any write ins for Charlie or Steve on any paper ballots won’t be counted. Just for you and Bob. If you don’t make it on, vote Democratic in the General where there is no Libertarian. Without IRV, the way to Beat Republicans is to vote for Democrats, especially if no one else makes it. Statewide at least, it may send a message to them, and remember this rule when circulating for 2016.

  5. And yes, the Party will have candidates for US Rep and Local races, I know. After due diligence on those, that may be a consideration. But Statewide, if you and Bob don’t get on, The choice is Clear. The Democrats didn’t challenge you, the Republicans did.

  6. For any clueless folks on this list —

    Politics in the USA has become a FATAL showdown between the communist Donkeys and the fascist Elephants

    — akin to the ROT in the late Roman Republic in 120 BC to 27 BC before Augustus Caesar wiped out the R.R.

    See also Germany in 1929-1933 — with Hitler taking over and purging the German communists.

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