“The Nation” Analyzes Clues on Whether Bernie Sanders Will Run for President in 2016, and on Which Label

The Nation magazine has this analysis of whether or not U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders will run for president in 2016, and, if he does, under which label. If one reads the entire article, one gathers the impression that the most likely outcome is that he will run for president, in the Democratic primaries. He has scheduled recent visits to Iowa and New Hampshire.


“The Nation” Analyzes Clues on Whether Bernie Sanders Will Run for President in 2016, and on Which Label — No Comments

  1. I agree that Sanders has dropped the threat of an independent run for President that he was talking about late last year. In several articles over the last month or so he repeated the theme of not wanting to be a “spoiler”/”Ralph Nader” and elected a Republican into the White House.

    I worry that if Sanders does run for Presidnet in the Democratic primaries it will take all potential energy out of any serious indeoendent or third oarty socialist candiate in 2016.

    It would seem sad to me to see Sanders career end up merely a loyal opposition, who ends up endorsing Hillary Clinton.

  2. How many $$$ billions/trillions will Comrade Bernie get from the Elephants to show the nature of the leftwing control freak statists in the Donkey Party ???

  3. Why is a Sanders run in the primaries against a putative Clinton candidacy “sad” while a third party socialist candidacy is “serious?”

    Is “third” the only thing that really matters to third party supporters?

  4. TruFoe,

    I don’t understand. Don’t we all remember what happens to losers in Democratic (and Republican) Presidential Primaries? Now that is truly sad.

    “Third” isn’t the only important issue to me. I’m equally concerned about 3rd and 4th and 5th and 6th and even 7th parties. What this country needs, and doesn’t have, is a modern democracy with a majority vote requirement for President and multi-party proportional elections for state houses and national legislatures.

  5. OK, I get it now.

    So, hypothetically speaking, if either the Democrats or the Republicans nominated you dor public office, it would be against your wishes, and in any event you would not vote for yourself despite the fact that you would have absolutely no differences of opinion with the candidate on any issue. Except for the fact that you would be a “first” or “second” party candidate.

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