Wisconsin Will No Longer Count Write-in Votes Unless Write-in Candidate Files Paperwork

On April 2, 2014, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed AB 419. It says that write-ins will no longer be counted, unless the write-in candidate files paperwork. As before, presidential candidates file a write-in declaration of candidacy. For office other than President, write-in votes will only be counted for candidates who filed campaign finance statements. Thanks to Tim San Souci for this news.


Wisconsin Will No Longer Count Write-in Votes Unless Write-in Candidate Files Paperwork — 3 Comments

  1. 14th Amdt, Sec. 2 is still in force — regardless of lots of very lazy lawyers and judges.

    Press Release May 17th, 2014
    With Links to Candidates’ Own Votes (At Bottom of Page)

    The U. S. Parliament is proud to announce and support a “United Coalition” of ten candidates; committed to working together as a “TEAM”. These candidates will be planning to make a presentation at the San Diego based Rancho Bernardo and Poway Tea Parties, to be held on Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 at the Country Club of Rancho Bernardo, 12280 Greens East Road, Rancho Bernardo, San Diego County California. Info. at (858) 487-1134 or (858) 486-2311.

    Event organizer, Maggie Cooper, a participant in the Voter Integrity Project, stated that she would like to see an educated and informed voter. She is also interested in joining the mathematical unity generated by ranked choice voting in multi-winner Districts over the over the single winner voting system currently in place.

    The elected members of the United Coalition are as follows:
    Janet Buycks (Non-Partisan) for Governor
    Glenn Champ (Republican) for Governor
    Joe Leicht (Independent) for Governor
    Richard Aguirre (Republican) for Governor
    Alan Reynolds (Americans Elect) for Lt. Governor
    Jeffrey H. Drobman (Democrat) for Secretary of State
    Amy Allmond (Republican) for Secretary of State
    Jonathon Jaech (Libertarian) for Attorney General
    Ronald Gold (Republican) for Attorney General
    Tammy Blair (Democrat) for Controller

    A few candidates statements are as follows:

    Jonathon Jaech (Libertarian): “I’m participating in this as a way to build bridges to candidates running as Independents or with other parties”.

    Jeffrey Drobman, PHD (Democrat): “That to preserve the unity, the team should always mention the names of all ten candidates who are working together for the good of the ALL and to mention only the top ranked names for the five State offices, would not be in the interest of unity”.

    Alan Reynolds (Americans Elect): “I have been a strong believer that only in working together can we really bring about the change that we need in this State and our Country. This is one of the reasons I decided to run as Americans Elect, while being endorsed by two others (Modern Whig & Reform). Having been an observer of the All Party System (Unity Movement) for some time, this was my first actual participation in this group’s work towards unity. While their focus has often been on a voting system, by putting it into place, we have created a team with a diverse background and a list of items on a platform that are direct, reasonable and needed.

    It is not enough for one person to say, “We need change”. In order to have an impact, we need people from all walks of life and spectrum of opinions to say, “It’s time to empower the people with more options they can embrace”. We need to build on this group and this platform to show that we really mean what we say; that it is about working as a team, not as individuals, that we can make an impact for our future”.

    For further information about the organization or to learn more about the candidates themselves, please visit: http://usparliament.org/ca-2014.php

    To see the candidates’ own votes electing their own names to the team:

    To see the candidates’ own votes electing the unity platform:

  3. Where can this paperwork be obtained for write-in candidates? Please contact personally.

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