Arkansas Government Photo ID Law Again Held Unconstitutional

On May 23, an Arkansas Circuit Court again ruled that the Arkansas law requiring voters at the polls to show government photo ID violates the State Constitution. See this story. This time, his decision does not suffer from the procedural flaw that affected the same court’s first ruling. The new decision is Kohls v Martin, an ACLU case. The judge stayed his own decision, because the state says it will appeal.

The first decision was Arkansas State Board of Election Commissioners v Pulaski County Election Commission. That decision had been reversed by the State Supreme Court on May 14, because neither side in that case had asked that the voter ID law be declared unconstitutional. The new case doesn’t suffer from that impediment.


Arkansas Government Photo ID Law Again Held Unconstitutional — No Comments

  1. 1. Obviously most State Constitutions were written before there was any photo I.D. stuff.

    2. How many statist control freak Donkeys LOVE having ILLEGAL Electors voting in marginal gerrymander districts for Donkey candidates ???

    3. Thus – one more step on the road to Civil WAR II ??? Duh.

  2. Answers to number two above –

    1). Reasonable question, but how about an answer based on some actual documented statistics instead of just mindlessly parroting the bigoted bullshit that the “elephants” are shoveling? ANYTHING to offer on that score, DemoRep? ANYTHING???
    2). How many illegal aliens do you think would risk deportation for them and their families by showing up to vote illegally…and adding their ONE vote to hundreds of thousand or even millions? Ten? Twelve? This may surprise you, but inability to speak or English fluently is not directly correlated to stupidity, although I have to admit you provide a compelling case to the contrary.

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