Working Families Party Endorses Andrew Cuomo for Governor of New York

On Saturday evening, May 31, the New York Working Families Party endorsed Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic candidate, for Governor. Although technically all ballot-qualified parties in New York nominate by primary, the endorsement means Cuomo has qualified for the WFP primary, and it is virtually certain that no other candidate will be on the party’s primary ballot for Governor. See this New York Times story. Thanks to PoliticalWire for the link.


Working Families Party Endorses Andrew Cuomo for Governor of New York — No Comments

  1. It would be a nice gesture if members of the Working Families party who truly care about a progressive challenge to Cuomo would publicly endorse Howie Hawkins.

  2. Figures. The higher ups might as well call themselves the Working Families wing of the Democratic Party, because at this point they do not appear to constitute a real independent voice in politics. I hope some of the more honest grassroots members in there decide to revolt and vote for Hawkins.

  3. People are really missing the point here if they believe this is some sort of “betrayal” or “surrender”. This is what the WFP was established to do, that is, they exist “to keep the leftward gates” of the Democratic Party. And on Saturday they simply did their jobs.

  4. We at the Democratic Party are eager and ready for Howie Hawkins to unite with us. As soon as he’s ready have him give us a call; we’re using pure proportional representation.

  5. I like to simply say that the New York State wing of the Democratic party is actually called the Democratic Working Families Party.

  6. It is too bad that Governor Cuomo refused to take the opportunity to deny the Working Families Party the chance to use his name to get votes. Cuomo is popular enough to win re-election on the Democrat line alone, and he has the Independence Party nomination. He could have squeezed the WFP out in the Governor’s race.

  7. Gene, the WFP isn’t a competitor to the Democrats. The WFP is simply a tool, and they’re happy to be used. But as a tool, it wants to be oiled and cleaned and cared for. And then put away when they’re done with it. That’s what’s about to happen now. The WFP will do its best to bury the Greens and then run away and hide in the fall.

  8. Why would the WFP want to endorse Hawkins when it’s so much easier to whore for the Democrats.

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