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Top-Two System Again Excludes All Minor Parties from General Election Campaign if At Least Two Major Party Members Ran

On June 3, California held a top-two primary for Congress and partisan state office. All 25 minor party candidates who were on the ballot failed to place first or second. As a result, in all U.S. history, there have now been 111 instances in which a minor party member ran for Congress or partisan state office in a top-two system (in elections in which there were at least two major party candidates also running). In all 111 instances, the minor party member did not place first or second and was therefore barred from the general election ballot.

There will be at least three minor party members on the California November ballot, but all three (and conceivably even a few more) ran in races with only one major party member running in the same race. All three of the minor party candidates were write-in candidates in June, and since only one write-in filed in each of these three races, the three minor party candidates cannot fail to place second (assuming the candidate receives at least one write-in vote; write-ins haven’t been counted yet).

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  1. Press Release


    June 4th, 2014

    The U. S. Parliament is proud to announce and support a candidate
    who accepted the nomination of their name after expressing interest
    in a unifying all party (and independents) voting system.

    Ronald Gold (Republican) for Attorney General, who was elected
    to a “United Coalition” of ten candidates committed to working
    together as a “TEAM”, is a candidate from among the ten
    who has advanced to the State’s ballot for the November 4th
    California State election.
    * * *

    Based in Monterey California, the U. S. Parliament is eager to
    continue the building of bridges with Ronald Gold’s [Republican]

    For information on how you can help build the unity and join
    the team please contact the U.S. Parliament at (831) 383-1409.

    For links to all the candidates elected to the Coalition of Seven website please visit:

    Vote Here in the 6th California Super-state Election of 2014:
    * * *

  2. Demo Rep

    NO primaries.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  3. George Knightley

    No party preference candidate did not do well last night either:

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