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California’s June 2014 Primary was Good for Incumbents

Seth Masket has this post at “Mischiefs of Faction”, which says that no incumbent member of Congress, or of the California legislature, was defeated in California’s top-two primary earlier this week.

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  1. Demo Rep

    1. Rigged packed/cracked gerrymander districts.

    2. Top 2 primary is about the same as the old Donkey primaries in the southern States.

    How about adding *INCUMBENT* on the ballots ???

  2. Jeffrey Turner

    California’s districts are drawn by an independent commission composed of 5 Dems, 5 Reps and 4 Declined to State. So they probably aren’t gerrymandered.

  3. Jeffrey Turner

    California is doing OK, so finding two challengers who are both more popular than the incumbent is unlikely, barring a scandal.

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