Libertarian Party Moves Into National Party Headquarters That it Owns

On May 31, the Libertarian Party moved its national office into an office that the party owns. The new headquarters is at 1444 Duke Street, Alexandria, Va 22314. It is believed that the Libertarian Party is the only nationally-organized political party, other than the Democratic and Republican Parties, to own its own headquarters building. The last minor parties that owned their own headquarters buildings, it is believed, were the Socialist Workers Party and the Communist Party, which once owned buildings in New York city.

The Libertarian Party also seems to be the only nationally organized political party that has set the location and date of its 2016 presidential convention. The Libertarian presidential convention will be in Orlando, Florida, May 26-30, 2016.


Libertarian Party Moves Into National Party Headquarters That it Owns — No Comments

  1. The Socialist Workers Party for many years owned the Pathfinder Building in New York City. It was, I believe 6 stories, and included offices for the SWP, the Militant, and for Pathfinder Press, along with storage for Pathfinder Press.

    During the real estate bubble of the Bush years, SWP sold the building for $20 million and relocated Pathfinder Press to Georgia. Georgia has a Right-to-Work law, so they can hire non-union labor to work at the Pathfinder Press warehouse.

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