New Jersey Filing Closes

Filing has closed in New Jersey. The U.S. Senate November ballot will have five nominees, those of the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Democratic-Republican Parties and an independent candidate who ballot slogan is “Economic Growth.” The Democratic-Republican Party is not allowed to use its name on the ballot, and is listed as the “D-R Party.” Its platform is somewhat similar to the Reform Party’s platform.

For the U.S. House races, there are five districts in which the D-R Party has nominees; two Libertarians; one Green; and 17 independents, with a possibility that a lawsuit will increase that number.

There is also a special election in the First Congressional District, with no Republican nominee. In that race, a Democrat is opposed by a nominee of the D-R Party and two independents. Here is a link to the Election Division’s web page, showing the candidates.


New Jersey Filing Closes — No Comments

  1. So the Democratic-Republican (D-R) Party is an actual party? I had assumed it was just a bunch of independents using the same ballot label.

  2. I think it’s an actual party insofar as the people using the label coordinate on their campaigns and policy positions. Don’t know if it has any membership to speak of, though, or if it exists outside of NJ.

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