Wyoming Constitution Party Sues over Discriminatory Campaign Finance Law

On June 23, the Wyoming Constitution Party nominee for Secretary of State, and a donor who wants to contribute to her campaign now, filed a federal lawsuit against Wyoming campaign finance laws. The state laws won’t permit anyone to give a campaign contribution to the nominee of a qualified minor party until after the August 19 primary. Yet the same state laws permit individuals to give to major party candidates running in primaries during the first half of the year.

Here is the Complaint in Wills v Mead. Thanks to the Center for Competitive Politics for the link. This case is very likely to win, because a few months ago the Tenth Circuit struck down similar Colorado laws, and Wyoming is in the Tenth Circuit.


Wyoming Constitution Party Sues over Discriminatory Campaign Finance Law — No Comments

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  2. Interestingly, although four Republicans are running in the primary to replace retiring Secretary of State Max Maxfield, there is no Democrat running in the primary for this office. How odd.

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