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Republicans Might Still Choose a Convention Opening Date of June 27

According to this story, the Republican Party’s choice of Cleveland for the 2016 national convention does not foreclose either a June 27 opening date, or a July 18 opening date.

According to this story, a June 27 opening date might conflict with the National Basketball Association championship games.

A national convention that is held in June gives an opportunity for people unsatisfied with the results of the convention considerable time to support a presidential candidate running outside the two major parties. All but four states have a method for a candidate to get on the ballot for President with a deadline in July, August or September. The four states with earlier deadlines are North Carolina, Texas, New Mexico, and Illinois.

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  1. Any indication when they will announce the date?

  2. Demo Rep

    Who wastes their time in watching the rigged scripted robot party hack conventions ???

    NO primaries, caucuses and conventions.
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  3. DSZ

    Maybe the GOP is waiting to see if the Cavs get Lebron back. If they don’t, trust me, June 27 will NOT conflict with any finals a Cleveland sports team will be in!

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