Illinois Petition Challenge Starts Monday, July 14, for Libertarian and Constitution Parties

This year, all three statewide minor party petitions were challenged in Illinois. The “record check” to examine each challenged signature starts on Monday, July 14, for the Libertarian petition and the Constitution petition. The process involves a representative of the challenger, and a representative of the petitioning group, sitting down together with an employee of the State Board of Elections, over a computer. The trio focuses on one signature at a time. For a statewide minor party petition, which can involve looking at 20,000 to 30,000 signatures, the process generally takes at least a week. Petitioning groups are told to have twelve workers on the scene.

This year, the process starts in the Springfield office of the Board for the Libertarians; and the Chicago office for the Constitution Party. Because the Board only has those two offices, the Green Party process can’t start this week, but will only commence when one of the others is finished.


Illinois Petition Challenge Starts Monday, July 14, for Libertarian and Constitution Parties — No Comments

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  2. James, how is your comment related to the article about the Constitution and Libertarian Parties of Illinois? Why would I vote for Hillary Clinton? I’m conservative.

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