Four Parties Will Have Statewide Nominees on Rhode Island 2014 Ballot

The November 2014 election in Rhode Island will include statewide nominees from four political parties. The Moderate Party will have James B. Spooner for Governor, and William Gilbert for Lieutenant Governor. The Libertarian Party will have Tony Jones on the ballot for Lieutenant Governor. Rhode Island voters elect Lieutenant Governor separately from Governor.

The Moderate Party is ballot-qualified, and also has one legislative nominee this year. However, it will go off the ballot unless it polls 5% for Governor. The party’s founder, Ken Block, is seeking the Republican nomination for Governor. Primaries are September 9.

This is the first time the Rhode Island Libertarian Party has had a statewide nominee on the ballot in a midterm year.

There are several independents running for Governor. Independent Ernest Almonte is running for Treasurer, and is considered to have a chance to win.

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