Republican Candidate for Governor of Oregon Wins Independent Party Nomination

On July 21, the Independent Party of Oregon released the results of its primary for this year’s nominations. For Governor, Independent Party members were asked to choose between Democratic incumbent John Kitzhaber, and Republican nominee Dennis Richardson. Richardson prevailed, by a vote of 677 to 413. There were 50 ballots cast in which the office was left blank.

Therefore, November 2014 ballots will list Richardson as “Republican, Independent.” Oregon permits fusion, but when a candidate is nominated by two parties, there is still just one square next to his or her name; there won’t be a separate tally of votes in November for the number of voters who wished to vote for Richardson as the Independent Party nominee.

The Independent Party pays for its own primaries. However, probably by 2016, the party will have increased its registration to 5% of the total registration. If that happens, the government will pay for the party’s primary.

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