New York Democrats Running for Delegate to Judicial Nominating Convention Removed from Ballot Based on Whom They Supposedly Plan to Support at the Convention

This Albany Times-Union story says that some Democratic candidates running in the primary for Delegate to the local Judicial Nominating Convention have been removed from the ballot, not because their petitions are invalid, but because their political opponents believe that the challenged candidates would, if elected, vote at the convention for someone who may not be eligible.

New York state political parties choose candidates for Judge of the Supreme Court at nominating conventions. The state is divided into twelve Supreme Court districts. Each district elects its own justices. There are no direct primaries for nominating Supreme Court Justices. Instead, within each district, each party holds nominating conventions. But delegates to the nominating conventions are chosen in party primaries.

Petitioning for convention delegates is extremely difficult. Most of the time, the only delegates who qualify for the primary ballot are candidates backed by the party apparatus. In this case, a rebel slate of delegates managed to complete the petitions, only to be told that they can’t run in the primary because they supposedly will vote for a Supreme Court nominee at the convention who may or may not be qualified to run. The rebel delegate candidates have filed a lawsuit to regain a place on the ballot.

This situation is very analogous to matters involving the electoral college in U.S. presidential elections. In 2012, the Libertarian Party presidential elector candidates were removed from the Michigan general election ballot, on the basis that they were pledged to Gary Johnson, who was supposedly ineligible under Michigan law to run for President because he had already run in the February 2012 Republican presidential primary in Michigan.


New York Democrats Running for Delegate to Judicial Nominating Convention Removed from Ballot Based on Whom They Supposedly Plan to Support at the Convention — No Comments

  1. it gets much worse — it that is possible — bodies floating down the Hudson are directly related to these indirect “elections” the unconstitutional assembly districts within unconstitutional counties and or the unconstitutionally large NYC municipal entity carve up the delegate districts further unequally and unconstitutionally and add in the non-affiliated voter participation issue — and last but not least recently the elite NOW scum have been using again politically appointed claims judges as acting state supreme court judges — and nothing is worse than arguing basic state and federal constitutional issues e.g. guns and voting in front of these thugs. — just read the trial and appellate case history of lopez-torres v NYSBOE

  2. Yes, the Lopez-Torres case outcome was a tragedy. Both the US District Court and the 2nd circuit ruled the system unconstitutional, but the US Supreme Court reversed, after the New York State Board of Elections hired super-lawyer Ted Olson to represent them in the US Supreme Court.

  3. NO primaries, caucuses and conventions.

    NONPARTISAN App.V. for all elected executive officers and ALL judges.

  4. read the many news reports of further IPNY / Cuomo scumbags shaking down candidates — has not changed since Golisano and Co. took all the air out of the 1994 LPNY Stern-Schulz campaign. This week Systemic Treason will file a criminal complaint with the NYSP in Albany based in part on the now defunct Moreland commission report suggesting NYSP be asked to investigate NYSBOE and especially IPNY.
    As for Obama and the original systemic conspiracy — USCA-DCC has an Original Proceeding being delivered filed today in regards to USDC-DCD 14-995 seeking an emergency mandamus for Leon to get off the pot and decide the pending motions for supplement and judicial notice in the 2008 DOS (US Department of State — Obama mama travel records — destruction by Brennen — sound familiar IRS ate my hard drive email excuse — when in doubt spoilate the evidence of conspiracy to commit systemic treason.

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