California Senate Likely to Vote on Bill Easing Definition of “Political Party” in Mid-August

The California Senate is likely to vote on AB 2351 during the week of August 18-22. This is the bill that eases the definition of “political party”, from a group that has registration of 1% of the last gubernatorial vote, to one that has registration of .33% of the state total. Thanks to C. T. Weber for this news.


California Senate Likely to Vote on Bill Easing Definition of “Political Party” in Mid-August — No Comments

  1. ALL party hack registration lists are PURGE lists.

    NO primaries.
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  2. Give people a free speech word(s) by their name. What’s the big deal about one or two words as a communication to the voter while in the voting booth?

    I agree with Demo Rep, party registration lists are purge lists whereby the party bosses and the state can control ballot access.

  3. California should set the threshold to some reasonable number such as 100 or 200.

    Presidential qualification should be reduced to some small number such as 0.1% (13,039), with parties permitted to count 10% of their registrants as signing the petition.

    Parties with 13,019 registrants would be entitled to a presidential preference primary so long as it directly makes the nomination.

    Parties with registration of 0.1% of the gubernatorial vote (10,096) would be granted the privilege of having their endorsements appear in the voter’s pamphlet for the primary and general election.

    The presidential primary should be moved earlier in the year, and the Top 2 primary for state, county, and local offices to September.

  4. While this bill will make it easier for a new 3rd party (and another 3rd party in California won’t be good news for the existing 3rd parties) to obtain ballot access, what good is it with the Top Two law in Place?

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